Tri Delt Sundial

February 2016

Meet the Senior Department Lean Leaders for 2016

Senior Department Lean Leaders currently provide leadership, training and mentoring to over 200 Lean project teams. They also serve on departmental steering teams and assist with monitoring projects and measuring project success and sustainability. The Senior Department Lean Leaders for 2016 are Brandon Burke- Physical Facilities; Linda Manley- Finance, Internal Audit, Treasury and University Budget; Lori Minges- Police Department; Chris Pirigyi and Sarah Thacker- HDRBS; Mike Savnik and Anne Wheeler- HR; Jim Oris- Academic Affairs Senior Divisional Lean Leader, Ted Peters and Ruth Groom- College of Arts and Science; Kriss Cassano- Enrollment Management and Student Success, and Emily Berry- University Advancement. Their many contributions to our Lean program are greatly appreciated, and we are looking forward to working with them this coming year.

Student Employee Retention

This HDRBS cross functional team consisted of representatives from the Equestrian Center, Dining Services, Residential Services, the Bookstore and Staffing and Support Services. The purpose of the project was to improve student employee retention rates. The team found that there are many operational and financial benefits to sustaining high student worker retention rates: lower training costs, increased food quality, and improved customer service.

The Student Retention team worked with student focus groups to gather information to develop an improved plan for retaining these important student workers. The team also worked closely with several student employees to gain firsthand knowledge and insight into what is most likely to encourage them to persist in these positions.
This led to the determination that stronger student training programs could positively impact a student employee’s future and their interest in student employment by assisting the student in developing skill sets such as communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and experience working with diversity in the workforce.

Several recommendations were presented to HDRBS Administration as a result of the Student Employee Retention project. The recommendations revolved around fostering a more personal and inclusive student friendly experience and included spotlighting successes of past student employees “Where Are They Now?” posters, teambuilding activities with students and full time staff, and information boards to improve communication. Additionally, a student intern initiative was identified as another possible benefit. By utilizing continuous improvement, HDRBS is striving toward a more sustainable student worker program through improved education and training programs.

Lean Certification News

Brian Henebry (IT Services), Ben Spilman (MUPD), Kelly Donathan (HDRBS), Jeff Shaver (HR) and Cindy Green (Grants and Contracts) are our newest Certified Lean Leaders. They recently completed all requirements for the Lean Leader Certification Program. Congratulations, Brian, Ben, Kelly, Jeff and Cindy!