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January 2017

Lean Fair Recap

The Lean Initiatives Office is pleased to report that over 800 staff members, students and guests attended the Lean Fair held January 11th in the Armstrong Student Center.  In an effort to continuously improve the annual Lean Fair, a post-Fair survey was conducted with over 165 responses received.  The results of the survey indicate that over 61% of the staff felt they could integrate at least one of the concepts learned at the Fair into their daily work.  The MUPD and Skate Sharpening booths were ranked as the favorite booths and “Changing How Miami Heats and Cools Buildings” and “HDRBS Just Do It Projects” were the favorite breakout sessions.  The Lean Fair team will be reviewing all the responses and suggestions for ways to improve the Fair and Miami’s Lean program. 

Congratulations to the following prize winners:  Maureen Reimer, Troy Wooton and Robert Brock (4 day Rec Center passes), Darren Green ($25 on-campus dining certificate), Kristen Wright (public skating pass), and Brian Kirkman (dozen specialty cookie certificate).

A special thanks is extended to Chris Pirigyi, HDRBS, who is essential to the planning for this event.  Additional thanks to all the many Lean Leaders who volunteered.

Student Affairs SAM project

The Students Accessing Miami (SAM) Lean project is the first Lean project completed by the Student Affairs Office of Student Disability Services (SDS). Led by Hope Sweeney (SDS) and Jarred Harrison (EMSS), the multi-divisional team included Mark Gross, Karon Selm, Ann Wengler, Cynthia Steidle and Al Ryan.  The goal of the project was to replace a manual paper system that had been used for years with the recently purchased electronic SAM system.  The newly implemented SAM system is both more efficient and makes access to SDS services easier for students.  Approximately 300 new students each year, along with 1200 returning students, request services such as special academic accommodations, accessible housing options, transcription services or specialized materials, special dietary needs and many other services. 

Previously the SDS office used parallel systems which often resulted in updates being made in only one of the systems and incomplete student files.  The Lean project team was able to design a single process for all staff to follow when entering student data into the new SAM system.  Staff training and testing of the new process instilled confidence in the electronic system making for a smooth transition. 

The implementation of the electronic process has resulted in a reduction of student and SDS administrative time by over 3700 hours which equates to a 50% productivity improvement. Additionally, the project has led to less paper and ink being consumed, important contributions to the University’s sustainability goals.  The project will also result in increased confidentiality by decreasing the use of printed materials that were vulnerable to being misplaced or misfiled.  The new closed electronic system is also accessed through a secure portal providing greater control over confidential data and records.

This project was one of the first to be undertaken in Student Affairs with more projects expected given the success of this project.

Certification News

Paula Murray from Grants and Contracts is our newest Certified Lean Leader. Paula completed all requirements for the Lean Leader Certification Program. Congratulations Paula!