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August 2017

MUPD Restitution Requests

An MUPD Lean team consisting of Chief John McCandless, Lori Minges, Melissa Schappacher, Detective Sharon Burkett, and Detective Walt Schneider was formed to improve efficiency and streamline the processing of restitution requests.  A restitution, in the context of criminal law, is the repayment of money to the victim of a crime.

Previously, restitution notices would be received by the Detectives unit in a variety of ways:  verbally by an officer, via email from an officer, or via email from the Butler County Prosecutor's Office.  With each of these processes there was the possibility of a delay due to process inefficiencies and officer scheduling issues.  Upon receipt of the restitution notification from an officer or the Prosecutor’s Office, the Detectives unit searched for the related report within the Records Management System and created a restitution request. 

After collaborating with the University’s vendor, Report Exec, and the Detectives unit, the Lean team developed a more efficient process for the restitution request.  A new form was developed within Report Exec which was configured to automatically send the report via email to the delegated detective upon submission. 

As a result of these changes, productivity was increased by 89%, process steps were reduced from 9 to 4, and a total of $1,490 of cost avoidance was realized.  Not only is the new process more efficient but it is expected to lead to more prompt restitutions that will benefit members of the Miami community.

Geothermal Free Cooling Process

During the heating and cooling seasons, the heat pump chillers run continuously at the Geothermal Plant. These chillers maintain water temperatures based on secondary loads and outdoor temperatures.  Depending on the season, 3 to 4 pumping systems are generally active.

Earlier this year, a Lean team took on the challenge of reviewing the current system to search for greater efficiency.  Team members Larry Davidson, Jason Underwood and Doug Hammerle evaluated the process and decided to operate the system in free cooling mode for the spring season to utilize the low water temperature from the well fields to blend with the cooled water from the heat pump chillers.  This blend was then sent directly to the campus to cool buildings, eliminating one heat pump chiller and a water pump from the cooling process when the free cooling mode was in use.  Once the well field water temperatures or outdoor conditions exceeded their beneficial limit, the system was changed back to normal cooling operation. 

As a result of using this free cooling process, there will be an estimated 218 hours of free cooling annually and a 43% reduction in kilowatt hours used for this cooling. 

Lean News

The Lean Initiatives Office is pleased to announce that Mike Savnik, Assistant Director of OEEO, is now the Senior Department Lean Leader for the President’s Office and Jeff Shaver, Senior Organizational Development Consultant, joins the team as the Senior Department Lean Leader for Human Resources.

Just a reminder to visit out Lean Statistics page at for updated information on Lean deliverables.  To date, over 1500 Lean ideas have been submitted by staff and over 1100 projects have been completed.