The Tri Delt Sundial and MacCracken Hall

November 2017

Standardizing the Dining Student Hiring Processes

The hiring, orientation, training and evaluation processes for Dining student employees are interconnected and provide the foundation of the student employment experience. A Lean team, led by Lia Odell and Travis McCoy, was tasked with assessing the effectiveness of these processes in providing the desired student work experience.  Team members, Chris Pioske, Amy Allen, Jen Wood, Laurie Sampson, Whitney Claypool, Jennifer Baker Williams, Stacy George, and Alex Poteet, joined Lia and Travis in evaluating the current state of each step of the employment process from hiring through student employee evaluations.  The team identified some weak links in this important chain that could result in an unsatisfactory student experience, leading to disengaged students, low student employee morale, future recruiting challenges and an inability to retain talented student workers. 

During the evaluation process, the team decided that the scope of the original project was too large. The project was then divided into two components with the initial project focused on the hiring processes and a second project focusing on the student employee experience.

The Hiring Process team developed a "Dining Jobs" webpage, standardized the format of the student interview process and the face to face student evaluation process, and created basic and advanced training checklists.  A weekly orientation program for new student employees was also established to better prepare students for their new positions.  As a result of this project, a Student Manager Task Force was also created.  This group meets every two weeks to review feedback about the hiring process from student managers. 

The early results from this Lean initiative have been promising. Students are better prepared to begin their dining job and are more satisfied with their work experience following these changes. 

Lean Fair

All are welcome to the next Lean Fair on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 in the Armstrong Student Center. This event, now in its fourth year, was created to provide information about Lean and to recognize the accomplishments of the employees engaged in our Lean projects. Dr. Crawford and Dr. Creamer will deliver opening addresses. 

The theme for this year’s fair is “The Faces of Lean” and will consist of three separate tracks:  Student & Faculty Success, Administrative, and Operations. The Lean Fair will feature interactive learning, employee enrichment opportunities, valuable peer-to-peer discussions, and hands-on-simulations through twelve breakout sessions within each of the three tracks.  

In addition to the breakout sessions, valuable opportunities await at fifteen different interactive learning stations. The learning station topics will include: How to Submit a Lean Idea, PFD Lighting Efficiency, PFD Geothermal, How to Go Green, and several stations on Lean concepts through gaming.  Please join us, bring your campus ID and be prepared to leave with ideas you can employ.

Certification News

Dawn White and Jerrad Harrison (Enrollment Management and Student Success) are our newest Certified Lean Leaders. They have completed all requirements for the Lean Leader Certification Program. Congratulations Dawn and Jerrad!