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A Strategic Plan for Miami's Future

The volatile higher education landscape has become fiercely competitive as a result of multiple factors: declining numbers of high school graduates; reduction of state subsidy; concerns of the general public about the price and value of a college degree; aggressive recruiting tactics from peer institutions, with significant discounting to attract top students; the development and expansion of online learning opportunities, particularly from for-profit universities; and a perception among employers that new graduates are not adequately prepared for the 21st century workforce. All institutions are facing significant financial pressures, and some have responded by closing their doors or merging with another institution, while others have made deep cuts to longstanding programs.

To assure a healthy and prosperous future, Miami University is creating a comprehensive, mission-driven, and sustainability-centered strategic plan, offering the opportunity to do the following:

  • Promote self-understanding, mutual engagement, and renewal of our fundamental commitments to our students, our community, our state, and the larger society
  • Identify our present strengths and shortcomings with humility and honesty
  • Declare our aspirations for the future with dedication and confidence

Board of Trustees Receives Strategic Plan

Miami's Strategic Planning Steering Committee presented the strategic plan to President Greg Crawford in mid-June and presented it to the Board of Trustees at the Board's regular meetings, June 26–28, 2019. Trustees received the plan and thanked steering committee members for their work. The plan is designed to provide a bold blueprint to advance Miami and sustain our tradition of excellence. The plan includes 30 strategic recommendations in four categories: innovate, invest, invigorate, and implement. It also recommends formation of a standing Strategic Planning Committee.

June 28, 2019

Read the Executive Summary
Read the Full Report (PDF)

Subcommittee Reports

The final Strategic Plan emerged from the work of six subcommittees, each producing its own report to the Steering Committee. These subcommittees included faculty, staff, students and community members, conducting research and engaging university leaders. While not all of these ideas were explicitly incorporated into the final report, they fed the deliberations of the Steering Committee as an invaluable source of ideas and inspiration. 

Academic Excellence (PDF)
Excellence in Research and Scholarship (PDF)
Transformational Student Experience to Integrate Life and Learning (PDF)
Diversity and Inclusion (PDF)
Financial Sustainability (PDF)
A National University (PDF)

2020 Plan

Miami University has reached all of the goals contained in its last strategic plan, Miami 2020. Those goals included: more partnerships, advanced retention rates, enhanced diversity, more multiple majors, and more study abroad. Together, we have accomplished all of those goals, a remarkable two years ahead of schedule. Miami is a stronger university, more connected than ever, and well-positioned for the future. Congratulations to all Miamians for these successes.

We Value Your Input

If you have comments or suggestions, the Steering Committee would love to hear from you!