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Current Academic Affairs Initiatives


The Office of the Provost, in collaboration with Student Disability Services and IT Services provides information, training, and support for faculty and academic advisors to enable students with disabilities find their place at Miami, engage with the community, and succeed and reach academic and personal success. Beginning in 2017, all faculty will undergo accessibility training which is conducted online. University websites also must be made compliant with accessibility standards. 

Affordable and Open Educational Resources

A University Affordability/OER Committee which includes the associate provost, librarians as well as faculty representatives from each academic division, has been formed to promote the use of affordable and open educational resources. Its primary goal for the year is to improve the quality of assessment of student learning outcomes across the university. Support programs and resources have been created to assist faculty in exploring, adopting or creating OERs and other affordable learning materials for their courses.

Diversity and Inclusion

This year, Miami hired Rankin & Associates Consulting to lead a campus climate assessment.  The goal of this project is to evaluate the experience of the current campus climate by all members of our communit; identify successful diversity and inclusion initiatives, reveal challenges facing members of our community, and recommend strategies to address the challenges and build on successes. 

Faculty 180

Two years ago, Miami purchased an application for a university-wide electronic faculty activity reporting system known as Faculty 180. With the intention of entering data once and using them many times, faculty will be able to generate multiple forms of curriculum vitae, annual activity reports, and promotion dossiers. In addition, departments and divisions will have access to consolidated data to assist with academic program review, accreditation, strategic planning, recruiting and marketing, and 2020 Plan reporting. A pilot of the system was conducted in 2016-2017, and full implementation in 2017-2018.

Faculty Leadership Programs

In addition to the Institute for Miami Leadership Development (IMLD) which has been in existence for several years, the Office of the Provost is launching two new leadership programs for the 2017-2018 academic year: (1) the Mid-American Conference Academic Leadership Development Program (MAC-ALDP) which provides intensive development (monthly meetings and two workshops at other MAC institutions) for three faculty fellows; and (2) the Provost Fellows Program which enables one or two faculty to lead several projects in collaboration with one of the associate provosts.

Transfer & Articulation Initiatives

To support the success of transfer students, Miami is participating in a number of initiatives mandated by the Ohio legislature and Ohio Department of Higher Education, including Career Technical Assurance Guides or CTAGs (enables students who complete particular technical courses at Ohio public institutions to receive credit for similar courses at other Ohio institutions); Transfer Assurance Guides or TAGs (similar to CTAGS but focusing on liberal arts courses); and Guaranteed Transfer to Degree Pathways (which are statewide guaranteed transfer pathways from two-year to four-year degree programs in an equivalent field).