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Growing new minors and co-majors in CCA
New minors and co-majors offered in CCA enjoy high enrollment and interdisciplinary opportunities for Miami students.
Center for Psychological Inquiry
psychology-seating.jpg“One of our goals is to really help students connect with ways to engage with psychology both in and outside of the classroom,” said Diekman. Graduate coordinator Lauren Forrest agrees. “Our goal is to be a haven of resources for psychology undergraduates,” explained Forrest.
Career immersion trip with CCA Scholars
During the last weekend in February, 2016, the College of Creative Arts Scholars spent an art and career immersion weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Humanities Center provides invaluable opportunities for English majors
Nestled on the second floor of Bachelor Hall, English majors have a place to convene with experts from all the humanities disciplines to discuss culture and the human experience.
Artists who are making a living in creative ways
NY Times article interviews six artists in the Los Angeles area who are cobbling together livelihoods that would have been impossible 15 years ago.
Winter term 2015: students study literature and culture in Paris
Students participating in Paris: Cultural Capital Winter Term programEighteen Miami University students had the opportunity to study in the heart of the City of Lights as part of the inaugural Paris: Cultural Capital Winter Term program in January 2015.
Opportunities for Anthropology Majors Just a Click Away
Online web resources to help answer student’s questions with majors, minors, internship and abroad opportunities was unveiled to students this Fall by the Department of Anthropology.
Students explore non-academic careers
Two April events offered students opportunities to consider non-academic careers.