Hiring Process

Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

Academic Staff

Electronic Personnel Action Forms (EPAFs)

Re-appointments of temporary faculty and staff are processed using an EPAF which results in a contract that the re-appointee can sign electronically and print for his/her records.  Academic Personnel Services provides training and troubleshooting for EPAFs and sends regular notices about re-appointment schedules.  Currently, EPAFs are not used for grant payments. 

Winter term and Summer term appointments are also processed using EPAFs.

EPAF Quick Tips

Work Authorization for International Faculty & Staff

Non-citizens must have have work authorization prior to the begin date of their employment. Depending on what type of work authorization, Academic Personnel Services may need additional time to investigate. Please contact Bess Sprockett with any questions or concerns at (513) 529-7268 or by email at

Employment of Out-of-State Residents

Miami University recognizes the occasional need to hire or reassign an employee or appointee who will, due to the nature of a particular position or business needs of the University, need to reside and perform their University work outside of the State of Ohio (whether in another state or another country).

However, because having employees or appointees work outside of Ohio subjects the University to numerous other laws and imposes additional insurance and payroll requirements and costs (e.g., workers' compensation liability insurance, unemployment requirements, payroll tax withholding/reporting, administrative costs, and other reporting requirements to other states), the University reserves the right to determine in advance whether the University will permit an employee's or appointee's principal work location to be outside of Ohio.

Request Advance Approval

In Academic Affairs, approval of a hire or the reassignment of an existing employee or appointee to reside and perform their University work out-of-state must be obtained in advance from the Director of Academic Personnel Services and the pertinent supervising senior administrators (Dean and Provost). The same is true of approval for the creation of a new position in which it is anticipated that the focus of the work must necessarily be outside of the State of Ohio.

Request Review of Employment of Out-of-State Residents

Submit the request form 3 months prior to desired work outside of Ohio.

Early Access to Fee Waivers

As part of negotiations with a person of extraordinary potential, you may wish to offer access to an early instructional fee waiver for dependents.

Contact Academic Personnel if...

  • Someone who reports to you (including Graduate Assistants) needs to miss work for more than five days due to a personal/family medical situation
  • Someone resigns mid-year, including Graduate Assistants

Special Situations

Cellular and Data Stipend Request

Supervisors may request for an employee to receive a cellular and data stipend for work calls or data on a personal device. The request should be submitted by the department. A stipend for text messages will not be approved by Academic Affairs.

Independent Contractors

If faculty, staff, or a department wishes to engage the services of an individual that is believed to meet the guidelines for an independent contractor vs. an employee, procedures for Independent Contractors must be followed.


On rare occasions and in unique circumstances, a person whose work location is off campus, including out of state, can provide special services. Because employment laws differ in each state, employees working at remote sites will continue to be covered by the University's basic insurance plans, and will be paid on the University payroll system, a special telecommuting agreement is required.


Recognizing that a significant number of individuals wish to volunteer their time, energy, and talents to the University and that the University will benefit from the services of volunteers, the University established a policy on the use of all volunteers (adults, students, and minors). Anyone serving as a volunteer must sign a Volunteer Form and the hiring department must keep this form on file for however long the volunteer remains active plus 3 years.