Accreditation Committee

The process of reaffirming accreditation for Miami University is led by the Office of the Provost. Miami follows the “Open Pathways” option for reaccreditation, which calls for ongoing collection of data and the creation of short narratives that are combined into one assurance argument. Each narrative of the assurance argument focuses on one of the core components of each of the five accreditation criteria.

The accreditation process is guided by a small Accreditation Steering Team, which oversees the process for applying for Reaccreditation and the means of collecting needed data for accreditation and other evaluation purposes on an ongoing basis. Additional materials, such as the Federal Compliance documentation and the multi-campus report, are also included in the reaffirmation review.

Accreditation Steering Team Membership

  • Carolyn Haynes, Senior Assistant Provost
  • David Ellis, Associate Vice President, Finance & Business Services
  • Lindsay Carpenter, Associate Vice President for Budget and Analytics
  • Denise Krallman, Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
  • Stacey Lowery Bretz, Special Assistant to the Provost

The steering team consults with the University Assessment Council on all matters relating the reaffirmation of accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission. The University Assessment Council provides input on all materials and data created as part of the Open Pathways process.

University Assessment Council

In addition to providing advice on the Reaccreditation process, the University Assessment Council provides support for divisional leaders of assessment and promote a culture of assessment of student learning outcomes at Miami University in which data are used to improve the quality of the educational experience.  Toward that end, the committee:

  • Provides resources and guidance to all divisions and departments on assessment of student learning outcomes:
  • Advises on policies, procedures, faculty development efforts, and best practices relating to assessment of student learning outcomes;
  • Annually collects assessment reports from departments and programs, including academic support units;
  • Reviews the effectiveness of plans and practices for assessing student learning at the University, department and program levels;
  • Communicates to Miami faculty and staff about assessment of student learning (e.g., Assessment Briefs);
  • Assists divisional leaders and committees on supporting departmental assessment activity and evaluating assessment plans and reports effectively; and
  • Assists with other initiatives involved in the assessment of student learning as requested by the Provost.

 Members for 2021-2022 are:

  • Carolyn Haynes, Chair and Senior Associate Provost
  • Jennifer Blue, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Science
  • Tim Cameron, Associate Dean, College of Engineering & Computing
  • Gwen Fears, Associate Dean of Students, Student Life
  • Janice Kinghorn, Assessment Coordinator, Farmer School of Business
  • Gina Parker, Director of Assessment and Evaluation, College of Education, Health & Society
  • Aaron Shrimplin, Associate Dean, University Libraries
  • Liza Skryzhevska, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Applied Science
  • John Weigand, Associate Dean, College of Creative Arts