IMLD Timeline

Institute for Miami Leadership Development - Cohort 5 - 2018
IMLD Cohort 5 - 2018
Institute for Miami Leadership Development Timeline
Date Event
Spring 2020 Specific networking/discussion sessions and beginning applied experience for Cohort #6.
Summer & Fall 2020 Break or Applied Experience for Cohort #6.
Dec 2020 Applied Experience Sharing and Graduation Ceremony for Cohort #6.
Spring 2021

Divisional nominations for cohort #7 submitted to Provost Office by end of January 2021, and information session held for candidates during the months of February and March.

Cohort #7 applications submitted to Provost Office by spring break; steering Committee review and recommendation

Cohort #7 announced by end of semester

The selection process for Cohort #8 will begin in spring 2023.