Promotion for Teaching/Clinical Professors or Lecturers/Clinical Lecturers Faculty, 2019

Associate Clinical Lecturer

Susan Cramer

Department of Information Systems & Analytics

Ashley Johnson

Department of Educational Psychology

Beth Killy

Department of Accounting

Nancy Parkinson

Department of Kinesiology and Health


Senior Lecturer

Tiffany Belka

Department of Spanish & Portuguese 

Donna Evans

Dept. of Computer & Information Technology

Leah Henson

Department of Languages, Literatures, & Writing and Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese

Lynette Hudiburgh

Department of Statistics

Nohelia Rojas-Miesse

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Janice Taylor

Department of Marketing

Kim Wachenheim

Department of Teacher Education 


Associate Clinical Professor

Eric Brooks

Department of Kinesiology and Health

Albert "Chip" Hahn

Department of Speech Pathology & Audiology

Scott Sander

Department of Teacher Education

Deborah Wiese

Department of Psychology

Senior Clinical Lecturer

Rocco Manzo

Department of Management

Patrick Schur

Department of Information Systems & Analytics


Associate Lecturer

Laura Anderson

Department of Math

Andrew Terpstra

Department of Math


Clinical Professor

Sam Morris

Department of Kinesiology and Health


Associate Teaching Professor

Gabriele Bechtel

Department of English 

Todd Dupont

Department of Geology

Irena Kola

American Culture & English Program

Vincent Palozzi

Department of English


Teaching Professor

Janet Marshall

Dept. of Mathematical & Physical Science and Dept. of Chemistry 

Heeyoung Tai

Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Jennifer Yamashiro

Dept. of Humaities & Creative Arts and Dept. of Art