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University Provost announces TCPL faculty promotions at CAS
Congratulations to our CAS Teaching/Clinical Professors and Lecturers (TCPL), recently promoted effective July 1, 2021. Their promotions were supported and approved by Dean Chris Makaroff and their department chairs. They were then sent to the Provost, Jason Osborne, for final approval.
President Biden nominates Daryl Baldwin to National Council on the Humanities  
President Biden has nominated Myaamia Center Executive Director Daryl Baldwin — a leader in Native American language and cultural revitalization — to the National Council on the Humanities, the White House announced Wednesday.
Dr. Doug Coffin wins three awards for contributions in paper industry
Dr. Douglas Coffin, professor in the Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering department, recently won the 2021 William H. Aiken Prize for Research and Development, the TAPPI Journal Best Research Paper Award and the Paper Science & Engineering Foundation (PSEF) Miami Partnership Award.
Megan Gross receives Knox Distinguished Teaching Award
Gross clearly has a passion for Miami students, the hard of hearing and Deaf community, and for making Miami courses available to those who cannot come to our campuses, a faculty nominator said.
3 keys to assessing your districts mental health needs
EDP Professor & Chair, Dr. Amity Noltemeyer and assistant professor, Dr. Kristy Brann were quoted in an article from District Administration.
Understanding the Science Behind Stress and Self-Care with Dr. Vrinda Kalia
Dr. Vrinda Kalia, assistant professor of psychology, researches the impacts of stress at her Thought Language and Culture (TLC) lab here at Miami. She recently brought her expertise to the HCWE for a virtual workshop focused on the science behind stress and the benefits of self-care.
Reframe: Episode 83
On this episode, hear Dr. Veronica Barrios talk about overcoming the barriers that prevent people from reporting crimes of sexual assault and partner violence.
Six faculty members receive University Faculty Scholar and University Junior Faculty Scholar awards for 2021
University Faculty Scholars, top row, left to right: John Jeep, Rose Marie Ward and Ellen Yezierski. University Junior Faculty Scholars, bottom row, left to right:  Carolyn Hardin, Andrew Jones and Jessica McCarty.Miami University Faculty Scholar Awards for 2021 have been presented to John Jeep, Rose Marie Ward and Ellen Yezierski. University Junior Faculty Scholar Awards have been presented to Carolyn Hardin, Andrew Jones and Jessica McCarty.
University Junior Faculty Scholar Award recipients for 2021: Carolyn Hardin, Andrew Jones, Jessica McCarty
Carolyn Hardin, Andrew Jones and Jessica McCarty have received Miami University Junior Scholar Awards for 2020-2021.