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7-8-20 Message to Community
The Provost shared updates about the upcoming returning for fall, specifically: 1) Face masks, 2) External speakers, 3) University funded travel, 4) Message to students and families preparing them to understand how courses are being planned, 5) Fall course planning, 6) HVAC in buildings, 7) New developments with international students, and 8) More guidance and information is coming
6-30-20 Return to Campus Memo
Memo from Provost and VP for Finance and Business Services provides preliminary information about plans/guidelines for employee and faculty return to campus including these specific topics: 1) Returning to campus to work, 2) Campus 3) Cleaning, 4) Meetings, 5) Personal Conduct and 6) More to come.
6-27-20 Message to the Community
The provosts reviewed the budget information and detail recently shared with University Senate (from the June Board of Trustee meeting), summarized the university's current budget estimates for the fiscal year that begins July 1st (FY21) including: 1) background, 2) Boldly Creative, 3) COVID-19, 4) Looking to FY21, 5) Longer Term Outlook
6-15-20 Message to Community
The provost urged faculty and staff to check the Safe Return to Campus Planning and Coordinating Committee's website for updates. Topics for today include: 1) Some stories about how Miamians are responding to COVID-19, 2) Libraries re-starting some services via curbside pickup and electronic delivery, 3) Updates from our IT team, 4) Some results from a national survey of students about online learning and 5) Fall calendar now updated on academic calendar web site.
6-8-20 Message to Community
The Provost reaffirmed the his and the president's strong condemnation of hateful and bigoted behavior and urged the Miami community to speak clearly and take action against hate and bigotry. He will be working with University Senate on a resolution about the issues and will have more information about that. Some other topics: 1) Quick COVID-19 updates, 2) Fall 2020 Calendar announced, 3) Consultation with Fiscal Priorities Committee, 4) A brief primer on how Miami is constrained in taking actions against racist speech
6-5-20 Statement to Community
Provost Osborne addressed reports that a retired Miami University faculty member made vile, hurtful, and inflammatory remarks to a group of peaceful protesters in Oxford.
6-3-20 Message to Community
Topics included: 1) Planning for safe(r) return to campus: what does science say?, 2) A message from our campus-wide Safe Return to Campus Planning and Coordinating Committee, 3) Brief overview of voluntary furlough offered to AFSCME workers, 4) Reminder of faculty development opportunities in preparation for fall
5-31-20 Message to Community
In this message the provost linked to the administration's statement that Miami unequivocally condemns racism and injustice, and reiterated our commitment to diversity and inclusion. He also shared good news about overall course evaluations for the spring semester.
5-28-20 Message to Community
Provost reminded community that the groups (including COAD, Senate members, administration and others) who are working on a plan for a safe return to campus continue to meeting regularly. There are also positive indicators for the 2020 income class and Brent Shock and others from EMSS will provide an update via a virtual town hall presentation hosted by University Senate on June 5. Other updates include: 1)Guidance for faculty and staff released. 2) Guidance for return to research released, 3) Guidance for fall class planning released, 4) Resources for faculty contemplating future teaching options, 5) AAO return to campus agenda items and 6) Bulk ordering of PPE and other supplies for fall and a reminder about the online June meeting of the Board of Trustees.