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3-18-20 Message from Provost and AVP
Provided updates, contact information for Human Resources, and links to information pertaining to Health Insurance, Personal Financial Education, Employee Assistance Programs, and Remote Work Resources/Expectations
3-17-20 Message to Community
Topics included updates regarding cancellation of Green Beer Day and accommodations of students leaving campus, Essential Staff-Only guidelines and COVID-19 updates and resources.
3-16-20 Message to the Community
Topics included; 1) No instructional activities in person allowed; limit non-essential in-person activities, 2) Hiring freeze, 3) Mid Term grades, 4) Pass/Fail, 5) Spring Break goals for faculty (Take a breath and find time to think through the rest of the semester, Update syllabus to reflect new reality and how you will meet learning objectives through remainder of semester, Prepare for what-if scenarios like: "What if the US requires everyone to stay in-home for two weeks" like Italy and other countries have, Think through final exams/papers/products Engage in self care, Breathe) and 6) Tools for extended remote work
3-15-20 Message to Community
Topics included: 1) Do everything possible to help facilitate students working remotely, 2) Make sure we are communicating with students about clinical placements, internships, licensure requirements - even when the future isn't entirely certain, 3) Limit nonessential face-t0-face meetings,4) Limit nonessential searches within Academic Affairs, 5) Research facilities and university remain open
3-13-20 Message to Community
This message from the Provost and AVP for Finance and Business Services explained new policies for faculty and staff related to personal days and time off.
3-12-20 Message to the Community
Topics in today's communication: 1) Study abroad cancelled, students recalled, 2) Support for remote teaching, #) Support for students with disabilities, and 4) Submitting information about IT issues
3-11-20 Message to Community
The provost provided updates and details about the changing nature of the Coronavirus-COVID-19 situation at the University and the impacts of decisions at the state and national level.
3-9-20 Message to the Community
Communication included a notice to division about Governor DeWine's state of emergency because of the Coronarivus, and include preliminary information about the University could respond to this moment in positive and constructive ways. Also includes were links to two approved "Sense of the Senate" resolutions and a dates of initial completed and planned steps to address the crisis. (Please note: the steps and planned actions listed would be revised as the situation developed in the state and nation.)
3-6-20 Weekly Three
Provost provided update on university's efforts to prepare in case coronavirus causes a class disruption/closing and urges faculty to prepare as well (provided links for programs to assist). The weekly three items included: On-Campus Schedules for upcoming Dean Candidate visits, call for topic Ideas for 2020 Diversity and Inclusion Conference, and reminders about the Faculty Assembly meeting and Government, Social Services and Non-Profit Career Expo for students.