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4-17-20 Message to Community
Topics include: Topics: 1) Update on student refunds 2) Summer classes will be online 3) (Remote) happenings around campus 4) some higher education COVID19 developments
4-15-20 Message to Community
Topics included: 1) Do everything possible to help facilitate students working remotely, 2) Make sure we are communicating with students about clinical placements, internships, licensure requirements - even when the future isn't entirely certain, 3) Limit nonessential face-t0-face meetings, 4) Limit nonessential searches within Academic Affairs and 5) Research facilities and university remain open
4-10-20 Message to Community
Topics today included updated about: 1) Credit/No Credit for honors courses 2) IUC provosts 3) Promising trends from EMSS 4) Boldly Creative #2 and 5) Grant awards up about 10%
4-8-20 Message to Community
Topics included information about Provost's upcoming budget presentation with Vice President Creamer, and various answers to questions submitted to the Provost.
3-30-20 Message to Community
The provost shared thoughts on shared governance during the crisis and topics included: Topics: 1) Leadership transitions at MUDEC, 2) Credit/no credit guidance available; students can opt-in starting Wednesday, 3) Update on commencement from President Crawford and 4) Reminder to submit Provost questions by Wednesday
3-28-20 Message to Community
Topics in this message include: 1) New dean of the College of Engineering and Computing, 2) New dean of Graduate School and Interim Vice President for Research & Innovation, 3) Goldwater Scholars, 4) Donations to Students in Need, and 5) Send in your questions for the Provost
3-26-20 Message to Community
Topics for today included: 1) Maintaining privacy in COVID-19 times, 2) Donate to the Emergency Needs Fund, 3) Big Blue Button access ends 3/30, 4) Are we continuing with Boldly Creative while we face budget challenges? and 5) What the daily Provost staff daily check-in looks like
3-25-20 Message to Community
Notice that Governor issued a stay-at-home order for the state for the next two weeks. Essential staff are expected to report as scheduled. All others remain in remote work status. Those working remotely are expected to maintain normal business hours. All classes are being delivered remotely. There are no on-campus classes. Faculty are urged to teach from home if possible.
3-18-20 Message to Community
Topics included: Topics: 1) Warning for campus closure unlikely; prepare now, 2) Residence Halls Closing, 3) Why pass/fail grading (credit/no credit) is not something we are unilaterally doing as part of our COVID-19 response, and 4) Personalized consultations with eLearning remote now