All-University Faculty Committee for Evaluation of Administrators

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Enabling Act of University Senate and Faculty Assembly, Article Five, Section 3

12.5.A Membership

An All-University Faculty Committee for Evaluation of Administrators will review the Provost, all academic deans, the Associate Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School, the Dean and University Librarian, and the University Director of Liberal Education in years three (3) and five (5) of their five-year administrative appointments. Committee reports are intended to serve two functions: a) to guide the professional development of the individuals, and b) to record part of the evidence upon which future personnel decisions may be based.

The All-University Faculty Committee for Evaluation of Administrators (Committee) will consist of eight (8) members of Faculty Assembly, one to be chosen by each academic division on the Oxford Campus for a total of five (5), one (1) to be chosen by the library faculty, and one (1) to be chosen by each of the regional campuses.

The members of the Committee will be elected by the faculty with election procedures to be set by the University Senate. The Committee shall elect one of its members to serve as chair. Members of the Committee who are on probationary status (i.e., nontenured or who do not hold continuing contract status) are not eligible to serve as chair of the Committee. In accordance with a University Senate motion of November 5, 1990, the library faculty as well as the faculty of the regional campuses shall not be eligible as nominees or electors in the election of divisional representatives.

Each member will serve a nonrenewable three-year term beginning July 1. The terms will be staggered so that one-third of the Committee is elected each year. In the event of the resignation of a member of the Committee before the end of his or her term, that seat shall be filled by the candidate (who had not been previously elected) who received the largest number of votes when the ballots are retabulated after votes for the person who has resigned have been deleted. In the event no such candidate is available, a new election will be held for the vacated seat.

Membership 2020-2021

Term ends July 2020

Term ends July 2021

Term ends July 2022