Executive Committee

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The functions of the Executive Committee are to call University Senate meetings as needed; to set University Senate agendas, establish plans for University Senate generally, and refer matters to appropriate committees of Senate; to track committee work underway; to track final implementation or disposition of Senate actions or recommendations; to receive and review the minutes of all committees; and, except as noted below, to submit nominations for all University Senate committees to University Senate for consideration, additional nominations or deletions, and approval.


  • The Executive Committee of University Senate shall be composed of the Provost; three (3) faculty members of Senate elected by Senate, one (1) of whom shall be elected Chair-elect and one (1) of whom shall be Chair (having served as Chair-elect the previous year); one (1) undergraduate student who shall be the Student Body President; and one (1) graduate student who is a member of University Senate. The Secretary of University Senate shall serve as an ex officio nonvoting member of the Executive Committee.
  • The Chair of the Executive Committee of University Senate shall also serve as Vice-chair of University Senate. The Chair of Executive Committee shall prepare a synopsis of University Senate deliberations and actions for transmission to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis as determined by the Senate Executive Committee. The Chair of Executive Committee, or a faculty member of the Executive Committee designated by the Chair, shall attend each public meeting of the Board of Trustees.

  • The members shall be elected for one-year terms, except for the Chair-elect who shall serve a two-year term-one as Chair-elect and one as Chair. If the Chair cannot complete his/her term, the Chair-elect shall assume the Chair's responsibilities. If the Chair-elect or other faculty member of the Executive Committee cannot complete his/her term, Senate shall conduct a special election to fill the position.


Ex-Officio Members