Faculty Assembly

 Faculty attending a workshop in the Humanities Center
 Students in Aimin Wang's statistics class
Jose Burdalo teaching
 Rod Northcutt at a sculpture exhibit


Faculty Assembly is chaired by the President of the University who has responsibility for the preparation of the agenda for meetings. The agenda shall be mailed to each member of Faculty Assembly at least seven class days prior to the meeting and shall provide sufficient detail for reasonably clear identification of the nature of the items.

The actions of University Senate are subject to the authority of Faculty Assembly to review and refer actions back to the University Senate and to recommend matters for Senate's consideration.


Faculty Assembly is composed of all members of the faculty who hold a tenured or tenure-track position; all librarians who hold the rank of assistant librarian, associate librarian, or principal librarian; and all members of the faculty who hold the rank of lecturer (including the senior rank)* or clinical/professionally licensed faculty (including the senior rank).*

*Lecturers and clinical/professionally licensed faculty are members of Faculty Assembly for the purpose of qualifying them to serve on the University Senate.

Membership in Faculty Assembly does not qualify lecturers or clinical/professionally licensed faculty to serve on committees whose membership is restricted to faculty in tenure-eligible ranks.

(Source: Miami University Policy and Information Manual)

Faculty Assembly Chair

  • Gregory Crawford


  • Rob Withers


Meeting Date

Thursday, September 7, 2023, 4:15 p.m.
Shriver Admissions Auditorium (Room 114)