Fiscal Priorities and Budget Planning Committee

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The functions of the Fiscal Priorities and Budget Planning Committee are to represent University Senate in the financial management of the University, in the process of setting fiscal priorities and in budget planning, and also to offer on-going advice to the administration in each of those areas. The Committee shall give attention to long-range fiscal priorities and budget planning as well as to immediate fiscal and budget concerns. The Committee shall report regularly to University Senate and, in fulfilling its charge, shall work closely with and advise the senior administration of the University, namely the President, the Provost, and the Vice President for Finance and Business Services. The Committee shall establish its own agenda and consider matters brought to it by the President, Provost, Vice President for Finance and Business Services, and University Senate, as well as, matters it chooses to initiate.


  • Six (6) faculty members, at least one (1) of whom shall be a member of University Senate, with (1) member from each division.
  • One (1) classified staff member.
  • One (1) unclassified staff member.
  • One (1) undergraduate student.
  • One (1) graduate student.
  • Two (2) ex officio nonvoting members serving as liaisons to provide information, data, and expertise to the Committee:
    • One (1) representative of the Office of Finance and Business Services.
    • One (1) representative of the Office of the Provost.


  • Co-Chairs
    • Melissa Chase (SLAM) EHS
    • Michele Frank (EDU), FSB 
  • Senate Liaison
    • Jennifer Green (PSY) CAS 


Term ends August 2024

Term ends August 2025

Term ends August 2026

Undergraduate Student

Graduate Student

Ex officio nonvoting members