State Authorization


Miami University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, accrediting higher education institutions in the North Central region. The Higher Learning Commission works in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education (USDE) and the state of Ohio.

State Authorization

State Authorization refers to state regulation of distance education courses and programs offered to residents of a particular state by an educational institution based in another state, as well as state regulation of various non-distance activities within a particular state by institutions outside of that state. State authorization requirements vary widely from state to state and change frequently. While Miami University is authorized to provide distance learning in many states, authorization to offer all online programs/courses/degrees is not practical because of the complexity and fluidity of requirements in some states, including differing requirements by academic program. If you reside in a state other than Ohio and are interested in signing up for distance learning please contact us at Miami University will review our authorization status in your state and notify you if we are able to accept your application to our course or program.

Professional Licensure

Miami University is approved to offer programs which may lead to licensure in the state of Ohio. We have not sought approval for licensure in any state other than Ohio nor can we confirm that our online programs meet the requirements for professional licensure in any other state. If you are considering an academic program with the intention of obtaining professional license in a state other than Ohio, you should first seek guidance from the appropriate licensing agency in your home state before beginning the academic program.

Verifying State of Residence

In order to comply with state and Federal requirements, it is necessary for Miami to determine where students will be physically located while taking online course(s). In order to comply, Miami is using a system to query all students who enroll in online, IVDL and hybrid courses about the state in which they will reside while taking the classes.

After registering for eLearning classes, students will receive an email with a link to the new system. Clicking on the link allows them to indicate whether they'll be in the US or abroad when they take a course, and if in the US, the state they will live in. It is a simple, quick system with only two questions.

Students will only need to complete it once for every term, even if they are taking multiple eLearning courses. Students must complete the short survey; if they fail to respond, their access to MyMiami will be blocked until they complete it.

If plans change, students can re-enter the system and modify their location at any time:

Students who have questions should contact their respective eLearning office at the Regionals ( or Oxford ( for assistance.

Helpful Resources

National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification

National Council of State Boards of Nursing

State Authorization Alphabetical List

Click on any state in the drop-down list below for a list of online programs that Miami University is offering and under what authority the program is offered.

Complaint Resolution

Pursuant to the United States Department of Education Federal Integrity Rule, Miami University is required to provide current and prospective students with contact information for filing complaints with relevant agencies that handle complaints against higher education institutions offering distance learning within that state. 

A student residing in another state while enrolled in a course offered by Miami University is encouraged to resolve any complaint through Miami University’s undergraduate student grievance process.

Graduate students should follow the graduate student grievance policy.

Grievance Contact Information by State

If an issue cannot be resolved by Miami University’s internal process, a student may choose to file a complaint with his or her state of residence.  The Student Grievance Contact Information provides phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and link to Miami University department chairs as well as state education agencies.

For additional information regarding state authorization, approval or exemption, please email or contact the eLearning Miami Office, 513-529-6068.

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