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Graduate Student Research

Research, scholarship, and creative activities are at the heart of discovery and innovation that lead to a better understanding of the world and the human condition. By their very nature, these activities at the graduate level are primary drivers for the creation of new knowledge, solving challenging problems, and providing beauty and entertainment for us all.

Research Opportunities and Events

There are a variety of opportunities to become involved in research as a graduate student at Miami University.

Graduate Research Forum

RedHawk Talks

Three Minute Thesis Competition

Dissertation Scholarship/Fellowship

Miami University offers a limited number of Dissertation Scholarships (also referred to as Dissertation Fellowships). These are awarded to doctoral candidates who are selected by the individual departments, with each doctoral department being able to receive up to one per academic year. This selection is based on the merits of the student’s proposed dissertation and the probability of the doctoral degree being awarded within the year (by the following August). More details on eligibility and requirements can be found in the Policy Library.

Graduate Summer Research Fellowship

The Miami University Graduate Summer Research Fellowship is a competitive award that provides financial support for full-time graduate students to engage in meaningful scholarly activities during a 6-week summer period. Although each student’s accomplishments are unique, they may include conducting literature reviews, participating in internships, visiting archives, making progress on their thesis or dissertation, traveling to data collection sites, presenting at national conferences, writing journal manuscripts, mentoring undergraduate students, conducting experiments, and preparing or collecting data. More details on eligibility and the application process can be found on the Graduate Summer Research Fellowship.

For a glimpse of the accomplishments of our Graduate Summer Research Fellowship recipients, please see a few students’ highlights below.

The Graduate School

The Graduate School is committed to advocating and supporting graduate programs dedicated to the pursuit of new knowledge and best teaching practices that promote diverse, globally aware graduate students and faculty.

Graduate Admission

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