College Entrance Testing

Domestic First-Year Students

ACT and SAT scores are optional for students applying to the university through spring 2024, which means most domestic, first-year students will not be required to provide an ACT or SAT test score for admission or scholarship consideration.

Applications without test scores are evaluated using criteria including GPA, academic rigor, application essays, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, talent, and background, among others. 

Read our Test Optional FAQs for more information.

Admitted students who provided test scores for admission or scholarship consideration will be required to provide official scores from the testing agency after they confirm their enrollment.

International Students

International students are not required to provide an ACT or SAT score, but they are required to meet English language proficiency requirements. ACT or SAT tests may be used to satisfy that requirement. Learn more about English language proficiency requirements

Transfer Students 

Because of limited test availability during the COVID-19 pandemic, transfer students who are applying through spring 2024 are not required to provide an ACT or SAT test score for admission. This is a temporary suspension of a policy that required test scores unless transfer students have been out of high school for five or more years or have completed at least 20 graded semester hours of college-level coursework after high school graduation.