Home School Curriculum

Miami University welcomes applications from alternatively educated students, including home school students. A home school student is one who has followed a self-directed curriculum and does not have an official transcript from an accredited secondary school institution. Home school students are reviewed using the same criteria as those from traditional high schools, and we hope the following information will help you successfully complete an application for admission.


We recognize that home school transcripts may look different from those submitted by traditional high school students. A transcript should include a list of courses by grade level and any performance indicators (e.g., letter grades, GPA), if available.

For enrolling students, a final transcript must include your final semester courses and grades and a confirmation of graduation. This is usually listed as a graduation date (month, day, and year) and should be labeled "Date of Graduation" or "Graduated."

Curriculum Evaluation

Home school applicants are expected to complete the same curriculum requirements as students from traditional high schools.

To allow Miami to properly evaluate each applicant’s curriculum, a complete high school transcript, including full course names, must accompany the application for admission. In addition, students residing in Ohio or other states that require authorization for home schooling are required to submit certification from the superintendent's office of the public school district in which they reside. This statement of certification must demonstrate exemption from compulsory attendance in accordance with state law.  

Students living in states not requiring authorization must submit a curriculum description in addition to the high school transcript. The curriculum description should include the concepts and educational objectives for each course by subject area. In some cases, materials in addition to the curriculum description may be required. This request may include a list of educational resources which outlines all texts and materials used throughout the student's secondary education per subject area. Submitted materials, including the curriculum description, may be further reviewed by the appropriate academic department at Miami University.

Letter of Recommendation

All applicants are required to submit a letter of recommendation to complete their application. Homeschooled students must provide a recommendation from someone other than a parent or legal guardian. We welcome letters from an instructor or member of the student's community.

Applying for Admission

To apply for first-year admission, please submit the items above (transcript, current evaluation, and letter of recommendation) in addition to the following:

For More Information

If you have questions about applying as a home school student, please contact your admission representative.