Bridges Program FAQs

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Applying to the Bridges Program

1. What is the Bridges Program?

The Bridges Program is an overnight visit experience for high-achieving high school seniors from historically underrepresented populations or who have a commitment to promoting a deeper understanding of and appreciation for diversity. Students representing different ethnic/racial, sexual orientation and gender identity, and socioeconomic backgrounds are encouraged to apply. This program introduces students to the undergraduate experience at Miami University. We know that choosing a college is about fit and match, and we want to give students a chance to experience Miami up close and personal.

2. How do I apply?

You are responsible for completing the Bridges Program application. Additionally, a counselor recommendation is also required from your high school counselor. (You are responsible for following up with your counselor regarding the submission.)

3. How do I know which Bridges Program session to apply for?

You should register for the session that suits your schedule best, but you should also be aware that transportation will be provided only to and from the cities listed for that session (see Question #16). If you want to participate in a session for which transportation is not provided from the city closest to where you live, you CAN do so but will have to provide your own transportation to and from Miami University. Priority consideration will be given to students who apply for the session that coincides with the major city closest to them.

4. How will I know you received my application?

You will receive notification via email once we have received your completed application. You are responsible for ensuring we receive all parts of your Bridges Program application. 

5. How will I know if I have been accepted?

Your Bridges Program application decision will be sent via email in October. Priority consideration will be given to students who apply for the session that coincides with the major city closest to them. If you have any questions/concerns, please email us at Please check your email frequently as all communication regarding this program will be electronic.  

Preparing for the Program

6. How much does it cost to participate?

The program does not have a fee associated with it. Transportation is provided from certain cities based on the session (see Question #16). For those out-of-state students who attend Session 4, flight/bus travel will be reimbursed up to $500 and mileage up to $300. 

7. What do I do after I am accepted?

You will need to follow the directions in your email notification, which will include confirmation forms. Once we receive your confirmation forms, you will receive a "confirmation received" email message. Please check your email frequently as all communication regarding this program will be electronic. 

8. How do I send my confirmation materials to you?

Detailed information regarding the confirmation process will be included in your acceptance email notification.

9. What should I bring with me?

Since this is an overnight program, you will need to pack an overnight bag and your own bedding as you may be sleeping on the floor. More information and a packing list will be available later this fall. Please do not bring more than you can carry!

10. Can I bring family members and friends with me?

You are welcome to bring family members or friends with you. However, Miami University does not provide programming for family members or friends during the Bridges Program. They are welcome to explore campus on their own or sign up to attend an information session while you participate in the Bridges Program. Additionally, Miami only provides transportation and lodging for the participating student. Thus, family members and friends who accompany you will need to arrange for their own lodging and facilitate their own transportation to and from campus. This includes transportation to and from the Cincinnati and Dayton airports and the Greyhound Bus and Megabus to and from Cincinnati.

11. Where will I stay?

Students will stay with a current Miami student or receive accommodations in a hotel where current students will serve as corridor hosts.

12. How will I know who my host is?

Hosts will be assigned by the Office of Admission. You will receive details closer to the program date.

13. Where can my family/friends stay if he or she accompanies me?

Family members and friends are welcome to arrange their own accommodations. We have a number of restaurants near campus as well.

14. What meals are provided?

We will be providing a snack bag and dinner on Sunday and breakfast and lunch on Monday. If you think you'll want additional snacks/drinks, you'll need to bring spending money.

15. What am I going to do when I get there? What is the schedule of events?

Check out the tentative agenda to get an idea of what will happen during the program.

Transportation to the Program

16. How will I travel to and from campus?

Round-trip transportation will be provided from various locations. Once you are accepted and confirm your participation, you will receive access to transportation specifics.

17. What time(s) will transportation be provided for the sessions?

Pick-up and drop-off locations and times will be provided in early October.

18. What if I don't want to fly into or depart from the Cincinnati or Dayton airport?

You are more than welcome to fly in or out of any airport you choose. Unfortunately, we are only able to provide transportation to and from the airports located in Cincinnati and Dayton. Several transportation options are available for pick-up and drop-off services (for a fee).

19. What if I am unable to attend the session for which transportation is being provided?

You may attend another session; however, you must provide your own transportation to and from Miami University.

Fee Waiver for Applying to Miami University

20. How do I get my admission application fee waiver?

In order to receive the admission application fee waiver, you must successfully complete the Bridges Program. Once you do, your record is updated, and the fee for your admission application is automatically waived. When you apply to Miami University-Oxford, you will need to select the Bridges Program fee waiver option on Miami's member questions on the admission application.

21. How do I get the fee waiver if I'm applying to Miami as an "Early Decision" candidate?

We ask that as an Early Decision applicant, you do not submit a fee until you are accepted to the Bridges Program. If you are denied acceptance to the Bridges Program, you must contact our office so that we can provide an extension for submitting the application fee.

22. What if I already paid the Miami University–Oxford application fee in addition to completing the Bridges program?

If you have already paid the application fee, you must notify the Office of Admission at immediately after completing the program in order to receive a refund. The fee cannot be refunded after 120 days.

23. Can I use the fee waiver for enrollment at one of Miami's regional campuses?

No. The application fee waiver is valid for enrollment at the main campus in Oxford, Ohio, only.

Bridges Program Scholarship

24. How do I get the scholarship, and will I receive the scholarship for all four years of college?

Students who successfully complete the Bridges Program and apply, receive acceptance, and enroll full time at Miami's Oxford campus for Fall 2021 will be considered for a Bridges Program scholarship. Scholarships are renewable for up to four years if you maintain a 2.50 GPA at Miami University.

25. Am I able to combine this scholarship with other Miami scholarships?