Email Request Procedures

The following is an explanation of what is required to initiate the process for emails to be sent to alumni email groups by University offices outside of Advancement.

If you have any questions, please contact Rick Green at


The Advancement Services email usage policy requires 5 business days in order to prepare emails. It also states that attachments will not be used.  For enewsletter formats additional time is required. For initial set-up allow 2-4 weeks production time. Once format is established, future issues require 2 weeks.

To initiate the process, please complete the Alumni Broadcast Email Request Form online.

Distribution List

It is important to determine who the audience will be for the email. Alumni lists are generated from Banner so it is important that banner has the most current information. Prior to sending, all email lists should be compared for accuracy.

Lists of recipients with constitient IDs (Banner A numbers) can be provided to University Advancement Communications. Additional recipients (not in banner) can be provided in the following excel spreadsheet format (email/first name/last name).

Updates received from kickbacks, out of office messages, etc. after sending the emails should be provided to in order to maintain accuracy of the data for future use.


If a mailing has been sent or is scheduled to be sent, please provide an electronic version (PDF, InDesign, etc.) in order to coordinate the design. The design will be in a basic format that has been established by University Advancement Communications.

Colleges and departments can set up their email newsletters in EmMa, the university email marketing tool, and provide the .html files to university advancement communications.  Contact University Communications for more information.


Emails must be sent from an email address, in most cases a department email address. The name used with that email address is flexible.

Email all content and images to Provide content in word document and image files in .jpg format.  No images requiring more than 80 characters (including spaces) for alt text will be permitted.

All content is due five business days prior to sending the email.


Specific fields can be inserted in the emails. If any of the fields do not exist in banner, an excel spreadsheet of those fields must be provided.

Approval Process

One point person will need to be provided for the project. When email is set up and ready for approval a preview will be sent to that person to distribute as appropriate. All changes should be provided by that point person and previews will be generated until final approval is provided. Final approved email will be subject to review by UA contact.

Survey Emails

The following policies are for college/department/research project surveys being sent to alumni.

  • The Miami staff member/professor requesting/sponsoring the research must submit his/her approval on the project as well as the data set/criteria being requested.
  • MUAA will set a timeline/schedule for the project.
  • MUAA will only pull one data set using the approved criteria.
  • MUAA will send two emails: inital email and a reminder. No other emails will be sent.
  • If the desired results are not received, MUAA will need permission from the staff member/professor to pull a new set.
  • All emails and online surveys will carry a disclaimer that the MUAA did not provide contact information to the student.
  • All emails should come from the department or program rather than the student. Replies should come to alumni main account.
  • Surveys must be built and managed by the department/professor/student. The University recommends Qualtrics for surveys, a product available to all Miami faculty, staff, and students at no cost

Crowdfunding Emails

  • Department  heads should send crowdfunding project information within department newsletters.
  • The Office of University Advancement will send emails to donors after a project is fully funded.
  • Alumni emails cannot be sent for solicitation purposes using Advancement email marketing tools during the fundraising phase of a project.
  • Alumni emails lists can not be provided for crowdfunding purposes unless approved by the Director of Annual Giving.

Email Statistics

Statistics are available upon request for all email blasts. Fields available include:

  • Messages Sent
  • Message Kickbacks
  • Message Opens
  • Unopened
  • Clicks
  • Unique Clicks
  • Forwards
  • Unsubscribes
  • Open Rate - A percentage measuring unique opens against the total number of messages delivered.
  • Click to Open Rate - Measures the number of people who clicked compared to the total number who opened.

Best Practices

  • Create subjects that entice people to open emails and are relevant. Subjects should have a verb.
  • Subjects should be approximately 40 characters
  • The top 400 pixels should present the most important content with a call to action item.
  • Image on the top of emails should not be more than 120 pixels high.
  • Keep the number and size of images within the email to a minimum.
  • Evaluate the day of the week with the best open rate and capitalize on that information
  • While emojis are available in email sender names and subjects, the following guidelines must be followed:
    • Emojis are best used at the beginning or the end of the subject line, so if it doesn't render properly in a particular email system you won't have a gap in the subject line.
    • Don't use emojis as word replacements as they won't display the same way in all email clients. Your subject line should be readable without the emojis.
    • Available emojis can be seen here.