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University Advancement

As the model for advancement among public universities, the division of University Advancement champions lifelong experiences that engage the Miami community in ways that are most meaningful and in ways that support the core mission of Miami University.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Statement

In alignment with Miami University’s statement on Diversity and Inclusion, University Advancement is committed to and fully embraces the philosophy and belief that a diverse community is among an institution's greatest strengths. We recognize that every Miamian has a unique story and unfortunately many are marked with challenges and pain based on one or more of their identities. We thus acknowledge the painful and difficult experiences at Miami past and present. We are committed to recognizing and celebrating all Miamians. We aspire to connect Miami with our diverse constituencies and create pathways for current and future Miamians of all backgrounds. We choose to honor Miami University’s holistic approach to and definition of diversity as our guide. This statement is only a part of Advancement’s efforts.

Our Commitment

  • Acknowledging that diversity is holistic. We understand that the definition is constantly evolving. Our definition of diversity includes but is not limited to race, ethnicity, color, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, class, religion, disability, age, military status, visa status, economic status, geographic location and language/linguistic ability. Diverse and well-reasoned ideas, approaches, and experiences are also essential parts of inclusion and equity.
  • Creating an inclusive work environment where all people feel safe, valued and respected.
  • Creating specific and actionable practices that dismantle systemic racist and noninclusive behaviors that disadvantage University Advancement staff and those with whom we work.
  • Providing individuals with the resources to gain awareness and understanding of cultural identities and develop competencies of DEI through best practices training.
  • Supporting DEI and cultural initiatives within our alumni and donor community.
  • Spreading awareness that DEI is a commitment and philosophy of Miami University, the Alumni Association and University Advancement.
  • Providing our alumni community with a broad selection of programs, events and learning opportunities in DEI.
  • Acknowledging the history of Miami University; identifying both successes and flaws, and using those moments as opportunities to shape the future culture of DEI within the Miami community.
  • Respecting those who may have been marginalized by words and actions that are not found to be acceptable and creating pathways for current and future Miamians of diverse backgrounds.
  • Acknowledging differing Miami experiences and having an awareness that “Love and Honor” means many different things to different individuals.
  • Continuing to adapt and learn about better ways to demonstrate equality amongst all.
  • Miami University reserves the right to remove a donor’s name if the continued use of an approved name may compromise the University’s integrity or reputation.

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