DataFest Winners Get R Package Published

DataFest Winners holding their awards

September 20, 2018

The 2018 winners of DataFest have put another accomplishment under their analytics belt: Getting a package published in R.

This summer, Robert Garrett and Austin Nar collaborated to get a data visualization package published on CRAN, R’s network of shared codes for communal use. The package helps to create and manipulate spatial data using Voronoi diagrams; it originated at last spring’s DataFest where Nar and Garrett worked with Alison Tuiyott, Bob Krueger and Sanchit Ram Arvind to create the code and win the competition.

Garrett and Nar had to modify the original package to make it understandable and usable for general application on CRAN.

“We realized we had something from this competition that could be used in other areas,” Garrett said. “We wanted to make it available to others to use.”

Garrett said it was challenging to clean up their code for publication; it took the pair about six weeks to make the final product. After that, it went through checks by the moderators of the program, but ultimately got approved for publication.

“It was really rewarding to have something that was well made and concrete that we can show other people,” he said. “It was definitely cool to see how a business-focused problem lead the way for new tools.”

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