Part 1: Intro to Python

Download and Instruction

Python and IDLE

Python: a programming language used for general uses, data science, software prototypes, etc.

IDLE: integrated development learning environment for beginners this will be the main way of accessing Python. It automatically comes with your installation of Python.

Installing Python

There are many ways to install python the easiest way to install python is to go to the Microsoft Store and download version 3.8 or the highest number version. This will come with IDLE already installed.

The next way to do it is using the online installer this one is for windows if you have a mac you will have to use this one. Choose the latest release. When using these versions a window will show up looking like this 

When you download Python it automatically comes with IDLE which is a Integrated development learning environment. It’s a form of an IDE meant for learning purposes. An IDE is an integrated development environment which is a program that allows you to write, test, and execute programs.

IDLE Interface

After Opening up IDLE you will see the python shell this is called the interpreter window. The >>> indicates that the interpreter is waiting for you to type something in. The statements you write here do not save but it is useful for testing some code. If you want to save the program you will have to create a new file. By selecting file>new file you will open new window where you can write and execute code then save it.


Python is an interpreted language. The installation of python installs the python interpreter into your computer. This means that the code you write can be interpreted by your CPU and run. Most python code is written in an IDE(Integrated development environment) but you have access to the python interpreter. 

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