Frequently Asked Meal Plan Questions

Where can I use my meal plan? How do I know when and where I can eat?

Meal swipes can be used at our dining locations. Dining dollars can be used at any open dining location, as well as vending machines and concessions.

For quicker on-the-go options, Market locations offer Meals to Go that can be purchased with one meal swipe. Meals to go are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner and include an entree, side and bottled water or coffee.

Please check out our Dining Hours of Operation page for the full list of service hours in all locations. Hours are reviewed weekly against staffing models so adjustments can be considered.

What if I am sick and not able to get to a dining location?

Students who are sick and unable to get to a dining location may arrange for a friend to pick food up for them. The sick student should email with the following information: the sick student's name, the name of the person picking up the meal, what time the meal will be picked up and at which Commons location the meal will be picked up. Thanks to Grubhub and Starship there are also delivery options available on campus.

When can I begin using my meal plan?

 For Fall 2024, meal plans begin on August 22.

How do my weekly meal swipes work?

In order to help students manage their meal plans during the semester, and to get a better value, meal swipes are divided per week each semester. Depending upon the level you select, you'll get a specific number of meal swipes added to your card each week. Your meal swipes will reset early on Saturday morning of each week. If you have any unused meal swipes at that time, they do not carry forward.

Our Minimum, Plus and Standard levels also come with a "Bonus Week" of meal swipes per semester. This means that those plans come with an extra week's worth of meal swipes, which DO roll forward each week. These are available to be used if you use up your normal week's worth of meal swipes.

Are meal plans required?

A Diplomat Meal Plan is required for all students who live in residence halls. Student Dining is an essential part of the Miami residential experience. Dining on campus provides a place to meet with friends, study, and stay connected to the campus.

Residential dining promotes social interaction, contributes to a civil atmosphere, and exposes students to new cuisine and new people they might not otherwise encounter. Our locations and menus are designed and operated for this purpose. Don't forget that unused Dining Dollars always carry-forward to the next term for use. This is also true if you move off campus!

How do I know if my student is on the right meal plan?

Meal plans are designed to provide meal opportunities for students each semester. If you are finding that you are not able to get the most use out of your plan as a result of lifestyle or schedule, then it may be a good idea to consider a different plan next semester.

The Meal Plan website has helpful info and tips for which plans are right for you. Also, the Campus Services Center is here to help answer your questions! It’s also a good idea to review campus dining options to be sure you aren’t missing out on a location or menu option!

Can I change my meal plan selection?

Yes, as long as it is before the start of each semester! Meal Plan changes take place in our Online Housing System. To do this, simply login to your Online Housing Account. After logging in with your Miami credentials, look for directions on the main page for changing your meal plan. You can change your selection until the first day of each semester.

What are guest meals, and how do they work?

Meal swipes can only be used for you (meal plan holder), and not anyone else. Each plan includes 5 guest meal swipes per semester. These can be used for visitors, friends, family, etc. when you visit a Dining Commons. Guest meals carry-forward each week and do not reset like the normal meal swipes.

What happens to my meal plan at the end of each semester? What about at the end of the academic year?

For continuing students, any unspent Dining Dollars will automatically transfer to your meal plan for the next term. Unused meal swipes do not carry forward. If you plan to be on campus during the summer, you will be able to use your Dining Dollars at any open dining location.

If you're planning to graduate, or not return next year, don't forget that unspent meal plan dollars are not refundable or transferable when you leave.

Is there a way to donate meals to students in need?

Each year we work together with the Associated Student Government and the Student Success Center to allow students to donate unused meal swipes at Thanksgiving time. 

Is there a mobile app for meal plans?

Download the mobile app GET to view balances and past transactions of your meal plan account.

Download Grubhub and setup your student account to place mobile orders.

Can you help me find food that works with my dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! Please start by viewing our Dining Accommodations pages. There you will learn about our policies and our procedure for processing dining accommodation requests.

Is nutritional information available?

Yes. Visit the location's menus to see the dietary information.

Are vending machines available on campus?

Yes! Vending machines are located throughout campus in residence halls, academic halls, and other locations. You can conveniently use your Meal Plan dining dollars to make purchases at these machines. Look for green product pushers on items that meet healthy snack recommendations by The American Heart Association. If you need to request a vending refund, please complete our Vending Refund Request form.

What do I do if I have a suggestion or concern?

We want to hear from you! We welcome your input and encourage you to use our online Feedback Page.  Managers are also available in all locations to answer questions. Additionally, we have formed a Student Dining Committee, consisting of Dining Administration, representatives from Associated Student Government and Residence Hall Association, as well as additional students.  This group meets regularly during each semester to discuss dining and meal plans on campus.

Check Your Meal Plan Balance

Each time you use your meal plan, your account balance is displayed at the register. WebCardCenter lets you view itemized purchase lists and sign up for low account balance notifications.

To view itemized purchase list:

  1. Log into WebCard Center using your UniqueID and password
  2. Click Spending History
  3. Adjust the date range to match the spending history timeline you wish to view
  4. Click View History

To sign up for low account balance notifications:

  1. Log into WebCard Center using your UniqueID and password
  2. Click Notification Preferences
  3. Check that your contact information is up to date, email & phone
  4. Under Daily Alerts select When my balance drops below
  5. Customize where you want the notification to be sent and at what balance you wish to be notified

Add Money to Your Meal Plan

If at any point during the semester your declining balance gets low, funds can be added online through the One Stop Website.