Recreation Center track with two runners
 Recreation Center pool with a swim meet competition
 Young adult male on the rock climbing wall
 Basketball player dunking into the net
 Three men playing basketball on the rec center court
Daily access to Miami's Recreational Sport Center for conference attendees can be arranged with three levels of passes: daily, weekly or monthly. Each provides access during regular facility hours to the Leisure Pool and Spa, Sports Forum (basketball, volleyball, soccer, pickleball), and Fitness Center(for participants aged 17 and older). Costs can be covered by sponsoring group or incurred by the individual. Additionally, guests at the Marcum Hotel receive complimentary daily passes with each night's stay.

Rental to secure private, restricted access to recreational facilities like courts, pools, or the climbing wall within Miami's Recreational Sport Center can be arranged through a conference planner. Dedicated staff and assistance is scheduled to safely facilitate the group's needs during their scheduled session.

Waivers must be obtained for all private rental and rec pass participants.