Collegiate Skating

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Figure Skating in College

Miami University offers many different opportunities for students to continue skating while attending college. The path a skater chooses is based upon their experience, their goals and time they are willing to commit. Varsity Synchronized Skating, Freestyle Skating Club, Synchronized Skating Club and Recreational memberships are all opportunities at Miami University.

Miami University Skating Club (MUSC)

Skaters that compete for Miami University, both Club and Varsity teams must have a membership to the Miami University Skating Club. Many former student/skaters maintain their U.S. Figure Skating affiliation through membership in the Miami University Skating Club. Prospective members may make MUSC their home USFS club, or choose an associate membership. Skaters representing Miami University in competition are required to have a MUSC membership. Students who are enrolled full time are eligible for an USFS discounted collegiate membership which is valid with U.S. Figure Skating for four years. Members also have access to U.S. Figure Skating Test Sessions held throughout the year. For more information, contact David Goodman.

Private Lessons

The Goggin Ice Center offers private lessons for skaters of all levels. Our professional staff provides instruction in a variety of disciplines including: Basic Skills, Freestyle, Ice Dance, Moves in the Field, Choreography, and Synchronized Skating Skills. Lessons are offered during freestyle sessions. Our coaching staff includes elite and professional coaches with varying rates. To find a coach best suited for your skater's needs contact David Goodman

Freestyle Sessions

Freestyle sessions are special ice times reserved for figure skaters to practice individually and have private lessons with an instructor. Freestyle sessions are for skaters at USFS Basic 6 and/or ISI Gamma levels and above, unless otherwise arranged with the Skating Director. Goggin offers College Freestyle Sessions (CFS), and General Freestyles (FS) to accommodate all skaters.

For a copy of the current freestyle session calendar please contact David Goodman at

Miami Varsity Synchronized Skating

Miami’s Varsity Synchronized Skating program is comprised of two teams—the Senior and Collegiate USFS Divisions—which compete at the National (both), International (Sr), and World Championship (Sr) levels. The program conducts tryouts every year which are traditionally held in April for the upcoming season.

Contact Assistant Coach Lee Ann Shoker by email at or by phone at 513-529-9800 if you are interested in trying out or would like more information on the program.

Interested prospective student-athletes should create an online profile through our website here.

You learn more by visiting the Synchronized Skating page at and keep up with the latest news by liking us on Facebook (/Miami Varsity Synchronized Skating) and following us on Twitter and Instagram @miamioh_skating.

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Miami Ice Skating Club (MISC)

MISC is a large, student-run club sport team participating in freestyle, ice dance, and as a synchronized skating team. The Club welcomes all levels and disciplines of ice skating including recreational members. Skaters can choose to compete as part of either the Intercollegiate Freestyle or Open Collegiate Synchronized Skating competitive teams. Contact the Club Advisor for additional details.

Club Advisor: David Goodman |

Synchronized Skating Team

The Open Collegiate Synchronized Skating Team competes throughout the Midwest and performs at Varsity Ice Hockey exhibitions and in the annual ice show. For more information, contact David Goodman at

Intercollegiate Freestyle Team

Intercollegiate Freestyle Team competes at three competitions per academic year. If the team qualifies, they then compete at Intercollegiate Nationals. Membership includes one club ice session per week, competition entry fees, team fundraising and social events, and access to excellent private lesson coaches. Skaters are also eligible to participate in the annual ice show hosted at the Goggin Ice Center. For more information, contact David Goodman.

Recreational Membership

MISC members may participate as a recreational member. Recreational members may still participate in all social and service events but are not required to compete. For more information, contact the club advisor David Goodman.