Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Miami Hockey School?

Why Miami Hockey School?

For more than 35 years we’ve become a leader in the hockey school industry. Nearly 29,000 players have been a part of our program. Last summer over 850 attended representing 26 states. Our facilities allow us to offer the most dynamic and innovative camp experience around.

What is Miami Hockey School's Philosophy

Hockey brings you to MIAMI. We will provide the finest creative hockey instruction within a total, disciplined, organized, and enjoyable atmosphere. All activities are geared toward the athlete’s development as a player and individual. A player’s development is largely determined by the attitude and effort displayed.

What you can expect?

We provide a dedicated full-time staff that ensures the best on and off-ice experience in a disciplined, enthusiastic, SAFE and fun atmosphere at a very reasonable cost. Our Varsity Coaches are the integral core of our coaching staff. Each of our 5 programs is different and builds upon each other to improve and challenge returning students.

What do we expect?

We work hard to insure that all participants have a positive quality experience. We expect all players to be willing and able to participate in all activities and must follow the rules and guidelines established. Those who don’t will be asked to leave. Those with excessive medical problems will have difficulty. Attitude and willingness to work are very important. All those peewee and pre-checking program participants should “practice” getting dressed and tying their own skates… you will have to do it with “limited assistance” while here.

What if I am new to hockey?

We routinely get players new to hockey attending our camp; this is something not new to us. Our coaching staff has the experience, skill, and knowledge to develop lesson plans that suit the skill level of all participants. All we ask is the participant has an open mind and is ready to work hard, have fun, and improve.

Girls VS Boys Camps

We provide a separate girls’ camp so they can participate against other girls and boys can participate against boys. There are not many all-female overnight camps in the country and we are fortunate enough to have enough girls to provide these unique options. Please help us promote and grow the girls' game by coming to Miami Hockey School with friends.

Registration and Payment Information

How may I register?

Miami Hockey School has two ways to register. Online registration is the recommended way to register for Miami Hockey School. You will instantaneously know if you got into the week/s you wanted. There is also a payment plan available through online registration only. You may also mail in your registration form but the camp may be full by the time your form is received. Full payment is required when mailing in the registration form. Credit cards and checks will be accepted when mailing in the registration.

How will I know if I was accepted?

A confirmation email will be sent directly after your registration has been accepted. You will then be instructed to download the final information sheet and medical forms (which need to be brought to camp with you).

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Before camp starts:
  • There is a $100.00 administration fee that is non-refundable regardless of payment option. The $30 processing fee is non-refundable.
  • Full refunds (minus non-refundable fees) are given for cases where a medical or summer school reason exists and the following requirements are met:
    • Medical Refund – Request is made in writing to the Summer Sports School Office prior to the Sunday start of camp and a written statement from a doctor is presented to the Miami Hockey School Director.
    • Summer School – Request is made in writing to the Summer Sports School Office prior to June 4, 2023 and a written statement from the school Principal must be provided to the Miami Hockey School Director.
    • Existence of a waiting list or your roommate's failure to get into our program will not be satisfactory grounds for cancellation and a refund.
  • After camp begins:
  • The $100 administrative fee is non-refundable regardless of payment method or when player is removed from camp. The $30 credit card processing fee is non-refundable regardless of when player is removed from camp.
  • A player who leaves camp for a documented medical reason will be issued a percentage of refund based on the day. Each unused day is equivalent to 15% refund of camp fees. For example, if a player leaves on Wednesday night, a refund of 30% of camp fees will be issued… 2 days X 15%.
  • For all other reasons, remaining unused housing and meals cost will be refunded.

What about roommates?

Roommate request is your preference. We will make every effort to accommodate the request. Sometimes, the roommate requested does not apply, doesn't get into the program, or does not request you! You both must request each other for the campers to be roomed together. Requests must be made at least 2 weeks prior to arriving at camp. In the case of more than one name requested, only the first name will be honored. The roommate "triangle" (3 campers all requesting one or another) cannot be accommodated. All roommates will play on the same team. We do not guarantee any other team assignments or triples. 

We cannot guarantee any other team assignments but will work with the camper to help make Miami Hockey School an enjoyable experienced.

Medical forms

Please print it from our website documents page, read it carefully, and DO NOT mail it back, rather bring it with you to check in and give to our trainers.

What to bring

Hockey Equipment

Each player is responsible for providing and properly wearing a complete hockey outfit. Be sure you have the following and each piece is clearly marked with your name (Goalies obviously need full goalie equipment).

  1. Helmet with legal mask
  2. Hockey pants
  3. Hockey socks
  4. Skates that fit!
  5. Shin guards
  6. Cup/Supporter
  7. Shoulder Pads
  8. Elbow Pads
  9. Garter Belt
  10. Mouthpiece
  11. Hockey Sticks
  12. Hockey Gloves
  13. A second set of ice undergarments

Please remember to check your skates to make sure they fit.

Preparation for Dorms:

  1. You must bring sheets for a twin XL bed, pillows, and pillowcases. We will not provide sheets, pillows, or pillowcases. A sleeping bag is a good substitute for sheets.
  2. Blankets, towels, and washcloths
  3. Casual clothes, sneakers
  4. Swimming attire, baseball glove, etc.
  5. Soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.
  6. Change of undergarments & laundry bag for dry land training
  7. If you wear contacts, bring an extra pair
  8. Optional water bottle for off-ice activities

Note: we will supply a small refrigerator in every room.

What not to bring

  1. Electronic devices such as cell phones, game systems, iPods, computers, etc. are prohibited, due to the inability to properly monitor their use.
  2. Any valuables…Miami is not responsible for losses
  3. Extra hockey jerseys... we supply the jersey for the week
  4. Chewing tobacco, other tobacco products, alcohol, drugs, fireworks, etc - it is an immediate trip home
  5. Propane torches or heat guns
  6. A portable air conditioner
  7. Any movies / DVDs that are not age appropriate
  8. Rollerblades, skateboards, etc.

Dorm Life


Don’t worry about sending your hockey player away from home. Our "alumni" regularly compliment us on our excellent on and off-ice staff, along with our high levels of supervision. Our return ratio is over 50%. The players are having a fantastic time. Parents are definitely happy!

The school is divided into teams organized by age, experience, and/or ability. Each group will be supervised by 2-3 team coaches and taught by two head coaches. This staff, along with 2 dormitory supervisors, 2 trainers, a live-in emergency responder, and live-in coaches, are coordinated by the management team to ensure the best organized, supervised, hockey experience for all. Overall 18-25 staff stay among the campers.


Boarding students will receive room and all meals beginning Sunday night, with the last meal being Friday's lunch. Day campers will receive lunch and dinner meals along with the boarding students. This enables them to be with their group the entire day. Commuter students join their group each morning following breakfast. (A commuter schedule will be provided at check-in.)

Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs

For those with severe food allergies or special dietary needs, please fill out the Special Diet form and contact our Culinary Support Center at least 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE of attendance at (513) 529-8362 with questions/issues.


The question is always raised, "How much extra money do the players need?" The areas below - not including the pro shop charge account - are the areas where the players need additional money. Learning to manage money is one of the valuable life experiences learned by our summer hockey attendees when they attend the program. Parents/legal guardians are free to determine the additional amount of money participants will need.

Some areas where additional money may be utilized:
A) Snack Bar - Miami University operates a well-stocked snack bar during evening hours.
B) Vending - There are well-stocked vending machines in the dormitory. Again, the amount of money each player should have for this is up to each family.

Please note: Miami University is a cash-free campus. Please provide a credit card or a prepaid card for your player to purchase snacks and beverages.

Phone/Call Home Night

In an attempt to avoid distractions, limit homesickness, and assist the youngsters, we will have a "phone call night" for the players to call home on Wednesday evening of each week for all programs except the Collegiate Program. Should special needs arise, please let us know at registration. Please do not send your hockey player to camp with a cell phone; cell phones are prohibited. 

Additional Information

Check-In Time and Location

  • Sundays 2:00 pm - 3:15 pm - Goggin Lobby

Check-In Process

A completed medical form (printed from the website) must be turned in to the trainer. The trainer will review all specific medical problems at this time. Any medication should be turned in to the trainer NOW.

Players receive a team assignment, weekly schedule, and camp jersey sponsored by Bauer.

Day campers receive more specific information regarding daily arrival and pick-up. Day campers join us daily after breakfast and stay with us until all activities are complete (approx. 10:00 pm).

A charge account can be set up at the pro shop for small (stick tape, skate sharpening, etc.) purchases. Our pro shop should be able to meet most of your needs. The charge is paid off at check-out.

You can have your name or nickname and your number put on the back of your camp jersey for a fee of $10. We have found that it really helps our instructional staff to better recognize the players. It also adds to the "team concept" and "personality" of the camp. This is optional, however.

Players move into the assigned locker rooms.

Unfortunately, no weekend housing (before camp begins or after camp ends) is available.


The last check-out of the day will be at 2:00 PM on Friday. Each player plays a final game on Friday with the game times based on the team assignments. Parents are encouraged to attend the final game, which you will know the time at check-in.


Should parents be staying the week, a VISITORS PARKING PASS is required to avoid parking tickets. Please visit Permits or call the Miami Parking Office at (513) 529-8535 for the office location. Besides surface parking, there is an inexpensive very convenient hourly parking garage adjacent to the Ice Center.

Transportation from the Cincinnati or Dayton Airport can be arranged by calling Oxford Transportation at (513) 523-8728. The airport ride service is not affiliated with Miami University and other transportation options exist within the Oxford area.

Local Accommodations

Many folks come a long way to our school. Why not come in a day early to either drop off or pick up your hockey player? Our host hotel is the Marcum Inn which is located right on campus (513) 529-6911.

Parent Involvement

It's great to have parents watch our program; we encourage it. However, we ask that parents do not interfere during the camp. For security purposes, we ask all parents to remain outside of the locker rooms, dormitory, and dining hall.