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Room Selection Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I hold a space in my room to invite a roommate?

After selecting a room, we will automatically hold any additional beds in your room, suite or apartment (assuming it is unoccupied at the time) for 20 minutes to allow you time to complete your contract and then invite your roommate(s). You must complete your contract prior to inviting a roommate(s). You will need to list your requested roommate(s) unique id(s).  If you change your mind a choose a different room, you will not be able to request your roommate again, that can only be done with your initially selected room.

How can I switch to a different room after I have signed my contract?

You can simply log-on to your MyCard account and search for another open room to move to! However, if we reach our maximum capacity for upper-class students, we will be required to close the room selection process. In this case, you may log-in to your MyCard account to submit a room change request. We will work very hard to get you moved to where you wish to be! Please note, once you select a room and request a roommate, if you decide to change rooms, you must call our office to allow your originally requested roommate to be assigned to the new room

What if I could not find a room in the hall I wanted?

An online room change request list for upper-class students who have signed housing contracts will be available beginning December 1, 2017. You will be able to submit a request directly from your MyCard page.

What if I want a private room and couldn't get one when I selected my room?

You will be able to request a private room request in MyCard. If you have any questions, you can always contact our office at

How long is my room held after I select it?

You will have until 7 a.m. on the following day after selecting your room to complete your contract. If you do not complete your contract within that time, the room will be released for other students to select. “Choosing” your room is only the first step. You must fully complete and e-sign your contract within 24 hours. However, you will still be required to live on campus if you will be a second-year student in 2018-2019.

I invited my friend to be my roommate. How long do they have to confirm the invitation?

After being invited, a roommate has 24-hours to complete their contract. If you change your mind and choose a different room, you will not be able to request your roommate again, that can only be done with your initially selected room.

Can I invite a current off-campus student to be my roommate?

Only if that student will be a second-year student in 2018-2019, or if they already have a 2018-2019 housing contract on file. 

Can I invite a current first-year student to be my roommate?


What if I have a requested roommate after the selection process?

If you have a roommate preference, both of you must submit a room change request and the information must be identical in order for a room change to be awarded. You will also need to enter your roommate's unique id on the room change request list.

What do I do if I have a medical need for air conditioning?

All residence hall rooms have air conditioning.

How long do I have to cancel my housing contract?

First- and second-year students are required to live on campus, therefore there is no cancellation period. For rising third and fourth year students, you will have a 7-day cancellation period from the day you sign your contract online. After 7 days, the contract becomes legally binding.

I am relocating to Oxford from a regional campus. When can I select a room?

Relocation students should contact our office to ask about on-campus housing.

When can fall semester second-year study abroad students select a room for spring semester?

These students may select a room during the appropriate time slot, based upon how many semesters they have lived on campus.

I did not have the opportunity to pop a balloon during the lottery, how do I select a time?

Students who do not participate in the lottery may begin choosing a room on MyCard at 9pm on the specified day of the Room Selection process (please see specific processes and dates). For students who are not required to live on campus, this will depend upon availability of space.

How do I learn more about Recovery Housing at Miami?

Families interested in more information about recovery housing options can contact the Dean of Students at or 513-529-1877.

How do I learn more about Gender-Inclusive housing options?

Miami University recognizes that sex-segregated housing by room may not be best option for all students. Gender Inclusive Housing is reserved for students who feel that living with someone of the opposite legal sex in the same room would be the most comfortable and safe option for them. For more information, visit our Gender-Inclusive Housing Website.

I can’t select a room during my selected time due to being in class, when can I select a room?

Anytime after your scheduled time. For students who are not required to live on campus, this will depend upon availability of space.

What if I don't see any available rooms to select?(Applies only to rising Second Year students)

Depending upon the lottery timeframe received, a small number of students may not see any available rooms when they enter the process. If this happens to you, we ask that you proceed with signing a housing contract. Instead of choosing a room, you will be assigned to Assignment Pending Status. We anticipate full occupancy this fall, which means that during room selection we expect to have periods of time when there are no open rooms to choose from. During the spring and summer months, we learn of a large number of students who will not be returning to University housing, which enables us to open rooms that were previously shown as unavailable.If you are placed in the Assignment Pending Status, you will be able to enter your roommate requests, as well as hall preferences immediately online. As spaces become available, we will use those preferences to assign you to a room. Each year we are able to assign every returning Second Year student by mid-summer.