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Functional Fitness Classes

Our Functional Fitness Classes feature a variety of barbell, kettle, body weight, and dumbbell exercises. These classes are scale-able to meet the fitness needs of well-conditioned athletes, true beginners and everyone in between. The goal of the classes would be to increase the participant’s health and wellness by helping them achieve; strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, endurance, and agility all while fostering a sense of community and support between participants and coaches.

Each class will feature a variety of exercises to challenge the participants in new as well as familiar ways. New participants are expected to learn and ask questions to perfect their form and technique before challenging themselves with additional intensity or weight.

Participants are encouraged to attend multiple classes weekly, but no more than a single class per day. Participants should expect to have their fitness goals and needs met through their experiences in our functional fitness class structure. All classes will take place in Chestnut Field House.


Classes will resume in the fall.

Questions? Contact Erin Jennings 513-529-8178 or