Faculty Spotlight

College faculty briefly talk about their backgrounds, as well as their teaching and research.

Vrinda Kalia

photo of Vrinda Kalia(Department of Psychology)

"My goal is to encourage students to challenge their own assumptions...They will play a big role in solving the big problems that we're currently confronting, and I want them to understand that the ability to engage with alternative perspectives and ideas..."

Read what Dr. Kalia had to say about her research on goal-directed human behavior and her Thought, Language & Culture (TLC) Lab.

Anna Radke

photo of Anna Radke(Department of Psychology)

"My favorite thing about teaching is finding ways to make very complex concepts approachable to students. I hope my courses foster an appreciation for the brain and its central role in our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions."

Read what Dr. Radke had to say about the use of animal models to study how drugs and alcohol change the brain to produce addictive behaviors in the Reward and Addictive Disorders (RAD) Lab.

Jeffery Hunger

photo of Jeffery Hunger(Department of Psychology)

"What I love about teaching at Miami in particular is that the classes (like my capstone) are small, so I get to know each and every one of my students very well. I like that because it allows me to see them succeed once they leave my class."

Read what Dr. Hunger had to say about his research on the mental and physical consequences of stigma.