Courses in aquatic and watershed sciences are available across many departments at Miami University. In addition to the courses below that are more focused on aquatic and watershed sciences, there are many courses in environmental issues and collateral sciences that are recommended for a strong background in aquatic and watershed sciences.

Coastal Ecology of the Bahamas (GLG 414/514)

Contaminant Hydrogeology (GLG 482/582)

Coral Reef Ecology (GLG 415/515)

Ecosystem and Global Ecology (BIO 672)

Environmental Analysis and Modeling (IES 612)

Environmental Statistics (STA 671)

Geochemistry of Natural Waters (GLG 491/591)

Groundwater Flow Modeling (GLG 428/528)

Hydrogeography (GEO 425/525)

Ichthyology (BIO 407/507)

Limnology (BIO 463/563)

Microbial Ecology (MBI 475/575)

Oceanography (GLG 244)

Population and Community Ecology (BIO 671)

Sedimentary Basin Analysis (GLG 450/550)

Sedimentology & Stratigraphy (GLG 301)

Statistical Programming (STA 402/502)

Tropical Marine Ecology (IES 423/523)

Water & Society (GLG 307)

Watershed Education: Designing an Interactive Exhibit for the General Public (BIO 400 capstone seminar)

Watershed Management (GEO 426/526)

Water Planet, The (Thematic Sequence GLG 2)

Watershed Management (GLG 426/526)