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Published in cooperation with the  Ohio Township Association, the four-volume sourcebook series is intended to aid in township governance and management. Each sourcebook provides an informational resource for elected Township officials about the functions and duties of their position. The  Township Trustee Sourcebook examines responsibilities particular to the elected office of Township Trustee. As the other elected Township official, Fiscal Officers have a different set of responsibilities which are presented in the  Township Fiscal Officer Sourcebook. The third volume in the sourcebook series provides an overview of the personnel management function and recommended policies and procedures. The  Township Zoning Sourcebook is the latest addition to the Township Sourcebook Series and was first published in 2009. It is designed to provide township officials with an general overview of township planning and zoning, related issues and recommended practices. The Trustee Sourcebook was updated in 2018. The Fiscal Officer Sourcebook was updated in 2020.  Personnel and Zoning sourcebooks were updated in 2013.

Ohio Township Personnel Sourcebook - You must purchase the 2013 Personnel Sourcebook to obtain the password to open and use this file.

msword Example Township Personnel Policy Manual (contact the CPMRA to download this file)

trustee Fiscal Officer personnel zoning

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Township Trustee Sourcebook, 2018 edition $25 + $8 Shipping
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Township Personnel Management Sourcebook, 2013 edition $25 + $8 Shipping
Township Zoning Sourcebook, 2013 edition $25 + $8 Shipping
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Four-Volume Set: 1 Trustee, 1 Fiscal Officer, 1 Personnel, and 1 Zoning $75 + $11 Shipping
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