Environmental Educator

In cooperation with the Environmental Education Council of Ohio (EECO), the Center offers a comprehensive program for any Miami student wishing to become certified as an environmental educator.  Interested students must complete all requirements for the course BIO 351, Environmental Education, which is offered through Miami University's Department of Biology.  BIO 351 is a four credit-hour course designed for students who want to learn about natural history and environmental education. This course prepares students to teach about the environment in either traditional classroom settings or non-traditional settings, such as nature centers, zoos, arboreta, and museums. The goals of this course include:

* to present a comprehensive overview of the region's natural history and environmental topics

* to encourage a greater respect for, and understanding of, our natural world and our place in it

* to provide the background information, presentation skills, and creative activities necessary to teach natural history in informal settings.

The class will emphasize knowledge about natural history and the environment, as well as methods to convey that information to the public. The course consists of inquiry labs, group discussions, and field trips. Students will develop the skills necessary to teach natural history in informal settings. Field trips will be used as "hands-on" experience in observing and teaching about nature.

Upon successful completion of course requirements, field studies and inquiry experiences for BIO 351, interested students may apply for certification as an Environmental Educator through EECO and the Center for Environmental Education.

For more information on this course, you may contact Steve Sullivan, Museum Director, at 513.529.4617 or sulliv55@miamioh.edu.