Bioengineering Focus

Bioengineering Focus (BA Biochemistry)

The Bioengineering focus allows students to specialize in a BA degree in Biochemistry by selecting advanced CHM, Mathematics, and related cognate courses that will make students competitive in the field. Beyond the CHM major, thematic sequences, additional majors, minors, and co-majors will build skillsets based on student interest.

The Bioengineering focus is for the student looking for a career in areas such as design, sales, training and technology for biomaterials and biochemistry start-ups. The BA degree in Biochemistry allows students the flexibility to double major in other disciplines and spend time studying abroad. This major is also well suited for students wishing to pursue postgraduate education in the medical field or the engineering field.

Core Courses

  • First Year
    • General Chemistry: CHM 141, 142, 144, 145, and 147
    • Math: MTH 151 and 152
  • Second Year
    • Organic Chemistry: CHM 241, 242, 254, and 255
    • Physics: PHY 161 and 162
  • 3rd and 4th Year
    • Analytical Chemistry: CHM 375
    • Physical Chemistry: CHM 471 and 472
  • Graduating Year
    • CHM 491/492: Capstone

Advanced Courses

  • CHM 432 Biochemistry (4)
  • CHM 438 Biochemistry Lab (2)
  • Cognate Class (one of these)
    • STA 301, 333 or 363
    • BIO 203, 305 or 342
  • Cognate Class (one of these)
    • Any one course at 200+ level in CHM, GLG, MBI, PHY, PCE, STA, BIO

Complementary Programs

  • BS in Biomedical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering minor

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