The Department offers the following degrees to undergraduates. There are currently about 290 undergraduate students majoring in Chemistry or Biochemistry. Miami University usually ranks among the top 25 schools in the nation in the total number of Chemistry graduates.

B.S. Degree in Chemistry

Graduates of the B.S. Chemistry program are certified by the American Chemical Society. This is a research oriented degree designed for students interested in becoming professional scientists.

B.S. Degree in Biochemistry

Offered for the first time in 1997, the B.S. in Biochemistry was created in accord with American Chemical Society guidelines. This program is designed for students who wish to become professional scientists with a foundation in biochemistry.

B.A. Degree in Chemistry

The B.A. degree in Chemistry is most often selected by students intending to pursue professional school in medicine or other science-related areas or those intending to teach high school science. The degree offers a strong foundation of classroom and laboratory experience, but permits sufficient flexibility for students in pre-professional programs or double majors.

B.A. Degree in Biochemistry

Offered for the first time in 2005, the B.A. degree in Biochemistry program is is similar to the B.A. degree in Chemistry. Two biochemistry courses are substituted for an analytical chemistry lab and a physics course. There are also additional biological science requirements.

Teacher Certification

Both our B.A. Chemistry and B.A. Biochemistry degrees are compatible with teacher licensure. Students who wish to combine teacher licensure with an Arts and Science major must observe the rules, procedures, and restrictions pertaining to admission to a licensure cohort as outlined by the College of Education, Health & Society. For information, contact the Office of Student Services in the College of Education, Health & Society, 202 McGuffey Hall, 513-529-6317,