Suggested Plans of Study

All Chemistry and Biochemistry majors take the CHM 14X series (regular, majors, or honors sections) general chemistry their first year and the 24X/25X series of Organic Chemistry lecture lab in the second year. In the 3rd year, all majors take Physical Chemistry courses and Analytical Chemistry courses.

During the 3rd year, students need to establish whether they want to focus on Chemistry or Biochemistry. By the end of their 3rd year, students should have decided whether they would pursue the BA or BS degree. Note that each degree program requires completion of all the College of Arts and Science requirements, but different sets of related course requirements.

While this site (and a more-detailed printed copy of the advising documents available in the department office) provides a general description of our majors' academic requirements, we strongly recommend that you meet with your assigned academic advisor at least once a year, and review your DARS (Degree Audit Report) before scheduling classes each year.