• For students entering in 2013 or later, the capstone must be in CHM
  • Complete your capstone after you achieve Senior Status (96 earned hours)
  • Choose your capstone based on your interests
  • Use your capstone to enhance your major, to strengthen your resume, to explore a profession or career goal
  • Discuss your capstone with your academic advisor

CHM 491 Chemistry in Societal Issues

  • Spring Semester, 3 credit hours
  • Pre-requisite: any 300-level CHM class Seminar format around a current topic (e.g. energy research & policy)
  • In class discussions, visiting speakers, student presentations
  • Grading based on a presentations, exams, and a paper

CHM 492 Independent Research Capstone

  • Spring Semester, 3 credit hours
  • Pre-requisite: one previous semester CHM research with a project that can be continued during Capstone class
  • Discussion format based on your research & data, practice presentations, literature searches and analysis, scientific writing
  • Grading based on research performance, a formal presentation to the department, and a journal-style article based on your research