Organic labs Organic labs
Teaching labs for learning hands-on chemistry
Dr. Page research group Dr. Page research group
Cutting-edge research with award-winning faculty
 High Field Magnetic Resonance Laboratory  High Field Magnetic Resonance Laboratory
The 850 MHz NMR allows researchers in the department to determine protein and RNA structures
 100 Hughes Laboratories Lecture hall  100 Hughes Laboratories Lecture hall
The renovated lecture hall at Hughes Laboratories Room 100 features state-of-the-art technology
Student pipetting Student pipetting
Over the last three years, 100% of our graduating undergraduates participated in at least two semesters of independent research
 Miami Chemical Society  Miami Chemical Society
Members of the Miami Chemical Society travel each year to the American Chemical Society's spring conference

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While we are unable to host visitors at this time, we have revamped our admissions page for prospective undergraduates. Please visit to take a virtual tour of the department, watch interviews with current undergraduates, read spotlights of some of our recent graduates, get answers to your questions, and more!

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Recent Publications

Tris-(2-pyridylmethyl)amine-ligated Cu(ii) 1,3-diketonate complexes: anaerobic retro-Claisen and dehalogenation reactivity of 2-chloro-1,3-diketonate derivatives
Elsberg, Josiah G. D.; Anderson, Stephen N.; Tierney, David L.; Reinheimer, Eric W.; Berreau, Lisa M.
Dalton Transactions, in press

Polymer Modification of Lipases, Substrate Interactions, and Potential Inhibition
Rahman, Monica Sharfin; Brown, Julian; Murphy, Reena; Carnes, Sydney; Carey, Ben; Averick, Saadyah; Konkolewicz, Dominik; Page, Richard C.
Biomacromolecules, in press

Genetic modification of the flavonoid pathway alters growth and reveals flexible responses to enhanced UVB – Role of foliar condensed tannins
Thitz, Paula; Hagerman, Ann E.; Randriamanana, Tendry R.; Virjamo, Virpi; Kosonen, Minna; Lännenpää, Mika; Nyman, Tommi; Mehtätalo, Lauri; Kontunen‐Soppela, Sari; Julkunen‐Tiitto, Riitta
Plant-Environment Interactions, in press

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