Winter 2018 Residency Schedule

January 13-20, 2018, Miami University, Oxford OH Campus 

Full Schedule

Craft Chat (10AM) | Workshop (11:15)  | Afternoon Event (3:30PM)  | Reading (5:15PM) 

Sat, 1/13      Opening Reception                                      Alissa Nutting                          Heynen/Van Prooyen 

Sun, 1/14     Heather Christle                                          Josip Novakovich                     Gina Frangello

Mon, 1/15     Gina Frangello                                             Final Project                           Final Project Readings + Dinner

Tues, 1/16    Rajiv Joseph                                                Writing Prompt Tues                Mitchard + Late Night: Open Mic

Wed, 1/17     Sleep In Wed                                              Hoa Nguyen                               John Florio

Thurs, 1/18   John Florio                                                  Hugh Sheehy                             Josip Novakovich/Hoa Nguyen

Fri, 1/19       Jacquelyn Mitchard                                     Laura Van Prooyen                    Hugh Sheehy/Eric Goodman

Sat, 1/20      Jim Heynen 

Craft Chats | 10AM | Bachelor Hall Reading Room 

  • Sat, 1/13  Opening Reception – No Craft Chat
  • Sun, 1/14   Heather Christle: Literally Impossible
  • Mon, 1/15   Gina Frangello: Publishing 2.0: Nvaigating the Constantly Shifting World of Literary Publishing         
  • Tues, 1/16   Rajiv Joseph: How Being a Cleveland Sports Fan Made Me A Writer 
  • Wed, 1/17    Sleep In Wednesday: No Event
  • Thurs, 1/18    John Florio: You've Written Your Memoir, Now What?: Pitching, Writing, and Publishing Non-Fiction Books and Articles
  • Fri, 1/19    Jacquelyn Mitchard: Homage: Great Writers ...Copy
  • Sat, 1/20    Jim Heynen: Do Standard Writing Rules Apply Today? Heynen's Multiple Personalities Speak With One Forked Tongue

*Chats will be held in the BAC Reading Room at 10:00 AM,  except on Saturday, 1/20, when Jim Hensen’s Craft Chat will commence at 9:30 AM. Craft Chats are open only to students and faculty of the Low-Residency MFA.

Afternoon Events | 3:30PM | Bachelor Hall Reading Room 

  • Sat, 1/13 – Alissa Nutting: Title to Come
  • Sun, 1/14 – Josip Novakovich: Antidote for Writers Block: Exercises
  • Mon, 1/15 – Final Project Readings
  • Tues, 1/16 – Writing Prompt Tuesday
  • Wed, 1/17 – Hoa Nguyen: Matrix Mix: Archetypes and Myth
  • Thurs, 1/18 – Hugh Sheehy: Being a Good Dungeon Master: Ensuring Character-Narrator Separation in Short Fiction
  • Fri, 1/19 – Laura Van Prooyen: Image and Memory

Afternoon Events are open to the wider Miami University Creative Writing community.

Public Readings | 5:15 PM | Harrison Room, 3rd Floor of Shriver Center

  • Sat, 1/13 – Fiction Writer Jim Heynen / Poet Laura Van Prooyen
  • Sun, 1/14 – Fiction Writer Gina Frangello
  • Mon, 1/15 – Final Project Readings and Dinner* 
  • Tues, 1/16 – Fiction Writer Jacquelyn Mitchard
  • Wed, 1/17 – Creative Nonfiction Writer John Florio
  • Thurs, 1/18 – Poet Hoa Nguyen and Fiction Writer Josip Novakovich 
  • Fri, 1/19 – Fiction Writers Eric Goodman and Hugh Sheehy

Readings are open to members of the Low-Residency MFA, the wider Miami University Creative Writing Community, and to the general public.

*The Final Projects will begin at 3:30pm in the Bachelor Reading Room, and include an all-residency dinner.