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Teachers at a table
Re OWP mug
 OWP Co-director Beth Rimer meeting with teachers
 OWP classroom scene
OWP students in front of Miami building
 Student writing at a table
Two teachers working on a poster
 Students seated on a brick wall, writing in journals
 Attentive teachers taking notes at a table
 Teacher journaling outside on a bench
 Students working in comfortable lobby seating
 Teacher outside at a sunny table with a laptop


Linda Tatman: “From Teaching Teens to Teaching Teachers: Finding a New Voice” in How Teachers Become Leaders by Ann Lieberman and Linda D. Friedrich; National Writing Project Vignette

Alli Wischer: Plymouth Writers Group 10-year composite anthology

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Christene Alfonsi: “Hey, Teacher! Get Off That Stage: Assessing Student Thinking with Socratic Seminars,” OJELA 48:1 Winter/Spring 2008 (pgs 65-71).

Coleen Armstrong “Getting Ready for the School Year,” Education Week

Alyssa Boyd: “Rubrics Across the Curriculum: Preparing for the Ohio Graduation Test,” OJELA 46:1 Fall/Winter 2005 (pgs 43-48).

Elizabeth Farris: “Breathing New Life Into an Elementary Reading Workshop” OJELA 51:1 Winter/Spring 2011 (pg 13). 

Karla Kincaid: “Summer Delight”, Reminisce Magazine

Jean McLear:, Harvey Daniels and Literature Circles 

Jan McManus: “Seeing and Believing: Teaching Visual Literacy,” Today’s Catholic Teacher, November/December 2009.

Diana Miller: “Engaging Students Using Twenty-First Century Tools,” OJELA 52:1 Winter/Spring 2012 p47. 

Mike O’Seasnain: Ohio Teachers Write/OCTELA, Bare Feet on Hot Asphalt (short story)

Mike Sexton: “Rehearsal Methods for Student-Centered Writing” OCTELA 51:2 Summer/Fall 2011 p7

Jill VanHimbergen: “Rethinking Voice in the Writing Classroom: Learning from the Ohio Writing Project,” English Journal Sept 08

Emily White: “Thinking Isn’t Always a Bad Thing: Setting Goals in a Portfolio Classroom,” OJELA 48:1 Winter/Spring 2008 (pgs 24-32). 

Brian Woerner: “I Am A Teacher,” OJELA 48:2 Summer/Fall 2008 (pgs 59-60). 

Betsy Woods: ASCD, Stop and Jots 


Coleen Armstrong: Please Don’t Call My Mother: How Schools and Parent Can Work Together to Get Kids Back on Track,  The Truth About Teaching: What I Wish the Veterans Had Told Me

Jennifer Bird: Choreographing Creativity: Teaching as Artistic and Technical Within the Curriculum of Composition

Forrest Brandt: The Class of 67

Maria Childs: Author website (children’s lit)

Katrina Fugate: Intuitive (2014)

John Gaughan: Cultural Reflections: Critical Teaching and Learning in the English Classroom and Reinventing English: Teaching in the Contact Zone 

Joanne Lozar Glenn (OWP, 1983) and members of the memoir roundtable: Memoir Your WaySkyhorse Publishing, NY. 2016

Charley Hoce: Daredevil Dan and Beyond Old McDonald (children’s lit)

Brenda Layman: “Choose Happiness, Not Depression, Today,” article at, and Song of Joy

Beth Rimer: Formative Assessment as a Compass: Looking at Student Work as an Intentional Part of Ongoing Professional Development (ebook)

Tom Romano: books

Brian Spiro: Wipe Out Worksheets: Strategies to Engage and Assess (2014)


Betsy Woods: “This I Believe,” essay recorded for Cincinnati Public Radio WVXU


NCTE’S Gallery of Writing
Nicki Baumgartner: “Stress,” poem in NCTE’s National Gallery of Writing, 2009 National Day of Writing

Bonnie Rye: “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus,” memoir in NCTE’s National Gallery of Writing, 2009 National Day of Writing

Lisa Samuel-Hill: “From Cotton Fields to Air Force One,” essay in NCTE’s National Gallery of Writing, 2009 National Day of Writing

Diana Miller: “Life Lessons from Putman Elementary,” vignette in NCTE’s National Gallery of Writing, 2009 National Day of Writing


Jim Brooks: “For some, nothing worse than verse” (Dayton Daily News article)

Tammy Bundy: Blog and reads from her writing during a weekly spot on Sacred Heart Radio’s Son Rise Morning Show

Kurt Dinan: “Long Time Gone,” short story, Dark Scribe Magazine

Sharon Rab: Words matter: Sharon Rab at TEDxDayton - YouTube

Jan Irvin: short story in Mudrock: Tales and Stories

Keith Lehman: Plymouth Writers Group 10-year composite anthology

Lianne Spidel: numerous poems, chapbook, poetry book