Write Answers! Podcast

Write Answers is brought to you by the Ohio Writing Project. This podcast is for writers, teachers, and teachers who teach writers. In each episode we pitch the biggest questions in the field to the smartest people in the field.


Episode 1: Tom Romano On Narrative, Multi-genre, and What Teachers Need to Know

In this episode, Dr. Tom Romano answers Beth's and Noah's questions including, "What do you want teachers to know" and "What would you like to see when it comes to the role of narrative in writing instruction?"

Of course, we also spend a big chunk of time discussing multi-genre research.


Episode 2: Planning For What's Important With Megan Rodney, Megan Moore, And David Tarr

"How do you plan? How do you make decisions about what to put into your school year, week, and day?"

"How do we make decisions on what to implement when we keep running out of time?"

In this episode we work through ideas on how to make sure we plan for what's important, how to fit it all in, and how we an use structures for our school day in ways that maximize our teaching impact.

To tackle these big ideas around questions of planning, we enlisted the help of OWP stalwarts, Megan Rodney, Megan Moore, and David Tarr.


Episode 3: Moving Writers Mini-Series - Setting Up And Managing Writing Workshop Logistics

The next few episodes will share live presentations from the MovingWriters.org team! These presentations were shared and recorded at #NCTE19 in Baltimore Maryland.

In the first part of our MovingWriters.org mini-series, author and Moving Writers co-founder, Allison Marchetti, and contributing writer, Megan Kortlandt, will share some on setting up and managing Writing Workshop.

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Episode 4: Moving Writers Mini-series - Time To Confer and Overcoming Rigid Requirements

In part II of our Moving Writers mini-series, Mike Zigler and Hattie Maguire share tips and tricks around making time to confer with students and weaving in the magic of writing workshop, even when teaching AP courses, in which there is an rigid expectation of rigor.

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Episode 5: Moving Writers Mini-series - Co-teaching and Combining Reading and Writing

In this episode Noah Waspe talks about ways to weave co-teaching into your writing workshop, and Stephanie Jochman discusses ways to combine reading and writing so that we can get more bang for our teaching buck!

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Episode 6: Moving Writers Mini-series - Workshop for Struggling And for College-ready Writers

In the final episode of our Moving Writers at #NCTE19 mini-series, Paige Timmerman discusses how to leverage the workshop approach for writers who struggle; Kristin Bond discusses how to use workshop to prepare college-ready writers, and Rebekah O’Dell provides brief closing remarks!

The Moving Writers Team:

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Presentation Slides from “Workshop and Don’t Drop” at #NCTE19:



Episode 7: Create vs. Complete

This special episode is a conversation with a group of Ohio Writing Project teachers around online education as COVID-19 shut down schools across the United States.

In this episode, we got into current issues, we took stock, we brainstormed ideas, and we did some troubleshooting around a possible issue that could arise.

Teachers who participated in this conversation:

Lindsay Bruggeman, Katlyn Bare, Kate Bauer, Betsy Woods, Katie Bills-Tenney, Karen Long, Adrienne Brooks, Allison Robeson, Tim Reisert (contributed to online resources), Angela Faulhaber


Episode 8: What’s Essential

In this episode, we build on the ideas we shared last time about the “Create vs. Complete” mindset, and this time (tip of the hat, once again to Lindsay Bruggeman), we dig into what’s essential as we move into new ways of teaching and learning.


Episode 9: Teaching is Remarkable

In this episode, Noah Waspe and Beth Rimer talk with Betsy Woods about what we should take with us from this online-teaching experience into the 2020-21 school year!

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Episode 10: Story Matters with Liz Prather

In this interview, Liz Prather digs into what it means to be a writer and a teacher of writing. We also delve into her newest book, Story Matters, which is available through Heinemann.

Find Liz’s book here: www.heinemann.com/products/e08980.aspx

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Episode 11: Disrupt Texts with Julia Torres

Julia Torres joins us to discuss her work with Disrupt Texts and to talk about her work as an English Teacher-Librarian. We also dig into the inner work that goes into literacy as a form of liberation along with the process of awakening.

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Episode 12: How We Can Anchor Our Instruction, Even During a Pandemic (an interview with Lauren Olson)

In this episode, we interview Lauren Olson, who teaches high school in Forest Hills, about how she chunks her class into segments. Through a conversation around this wonderful strategy, we dig into how a teacher can use their core beliefs and useful routines to anchor their teaching...even during a pandemic.

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Episode 13: Teachers Who Write and Writers Who Teach

In this episode, Noah speaks with a panel of Ohio writers: Tammy Bundy, Tim Reisert, Kendra Herber and Abby Lund about habits and processes, as well as how to maintain a writing life through the chaos. This episode is full of teaching tips, writing hacks, and ideas to jumpstart your writing life!

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And at www.tamarabundy.com

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Episode 14: Writing To Learn With Heinemann Fellow, Nina Sudnick

In this episode, we talk to Nina Sudnick about how she uses writing to help students process their learning in Math class. Nina’s work has so many applications--writing across the curriculum, metacognition, formative assessment, action research, and more!

Find today’s guest on Twitter: @SudnickNina

Find more work from our guest: https://blog.heinemann.com/writing-to-learn-math 


Episode 15: Empathy, Equity, And Finding Joy With Traci Browder

In this episode of Writer Answers, we talk to Traci Browder about what she learned as a writer from the process of completing a book + how it impacted her teaching. We also cover a wide range of topics from rocking remote learning to equity and even how interviewing her son for her podcast helped her see school through the eyes of a student.

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Episode 16: More Meaningful Grading With Dr. Sarah M. Zerwin

In this episode of Writer Answers, Liz Reilly and Noah Waspe talk to Sarah Zerwin about the thought processes behind her new book Point-less: an English Teacher’s Guide to More Meaningful Grading.

Find today’s guest on Twitter: @SarahMZerwin

Order Point-less: An English Teacher’s Guide to More Meaningful Grading

https://www.heinemann.com/products/e10951.aspx - Published by Heinemann.

Sarah’s website: https://sarahmzerwin.wordpress.com/


Episode 17: Leaders Go First: Meghan Lawson’s Tips For Vibrant Professional Learning Communities

Meghan Lawson is a kindness ambassador, teacher, and instructional coach. In addition to all that, Meghan has led professional development for the Ohio Writing Project, both as a consultant and as an instructor in OWP’s masters degree classes for teachers.

In this episode, we discuss how sharing our teaching weaknesses can actually be a show of strength...and can make us better leaders, enhancing the conversations we have with colleagues--and with students.

If you’re interested in teaching, leadership, professional development, or PLC work--this episode is for you!


Episode 18: What's Working: A Smart And Practical Approach To Inquiry Work With Stephanie Pearson

In this mini-series, Noah will be chatting with educators about "What's Working" in this weird year of pandemic-teaching.

This episode features an Ohio teacher named Stephanie Pearson who uses her writing workshop approach to help students become better researchers during her inquiry units.

Whether you're looking for writing workshop ideas, inquiry-based teaching moves, or managing a classroom during the pandemic--this episode is for you!


Episode 19: What's Working, Part 2: Culturally Relevant and Engaging Classrooms with Ivana Farrar

In this episode of Writer Answers, we talk to Ivana Farrar about how she has used culturally responsive teaching practices with great success during this whirlwind year of teaching. Ivana also has a nifty lesson idea that involves the music of J. Cole!


Episode 20: What's Working, Part 3: Building Community In Any Classroom With Lindsay Bruggeman

In this episode of Writer Answers, we talk to Lindsay Bruggeman about how she builds community whether teaching in person, virtually, or both! Our wide reaching conversation includes big ideas as well as practical teaching strategies that you can use in your own classroom to enhance connectivity with--and between--your students.


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Episode 21: African American Lit And Pop Culture: An Interview With Celine Thomas

In this episode of Writer Answers, we talk to Celine Thomas about how she decided to be the change she wished to see in her world by creating a popular and meaningful elective class at her high school...completely from scratch!


Episode 22: Simplifying Our Teaching To Focus On What's Important: An Interview With Kelly Taylor

In this episode of Writer Answers, we talk to Kelly Taylor about shifting away from bells and whistles to focus on simple, high impact teaching practices.


Episode 23: What's Working pt. 4: Experimenting With Project-Based Writing

In this episode, we talk to Sara Godwin about how she’s approached student choice using Liz Prather’s Project-based Writing process. Pandemic teaching has been nothing short of overwhelming, but Sara leveraged the uncertainty of these times into opportunities to experiment with her teaching practice--with great success!

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Episode 24: Reggio-based Teaching with Elizabeth Farris

Child-centered! Inquiry-based! Progressive! In this episode of Writer Answers, we explore Reggio-based teaching practices with Elizabeth Farris!

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