student studying in the library


The Miami University Libraries contain an extensive collection of information, ranging from ancient Babylonian tablets to the latest electronic journals and research databases.

Computer classrooms with priority scheduling for the English Department offer students and faculty opportunities to research, teach, and compose in a variety of digital media.  For more information, please see the Digital Writing Collaborative.

In addition, Miami University provides extensive computer resources for researchers, faculty, and students. Instructional Technology provides numerous services including Academic Technology Services. The Miami University Library hosts the Center for Digital Scholarshop and Center for Information Management, a computer facility where students can create web sites, make movies, print posters, record digital audio, etc.

Laptop Classrooms

The English Department and the College Composition Program have priority scheduling for two new state-of-the art laptop classrooms (Bachelor 256 and 250). The equipment in each classroom includes:

  • two wall-mounted flat screen displays (30 inches wide)
  • two portable flat screen displays (30 inches wide)
  • wireless router
  • ceiling mounted LCD projector
  • large screen
  • teacher’s station computer loaded with Adobe/Macromedia and Microsoft Office software
  • StarArm “smartboard” component with screen capture capabilities
  • DVD and VHS player
  • cable television
  • desks and chairs on wheels
  • two laptops (Mac and PC) for instructor or student use (if a student forgets to bring a laptop to class one day)
  • portable headsets with built-in mics

IMS/English Media Lab

The English Department shares priority scheduling with the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies (AIMS) for a hard-wired computer lab with 22 Dell computers loaded with Adobe/Macromedia and Microsoft Office software, as well as digital audio and movie editing software.

Walter Havighurst Classroom of the Future

The Walter Havighurst Classroom of the Future, located in 264 Bachelor Hall, contains 30 Mac computers, including the instructor’s station.

Although the Havighurst Lab is available for instructor and class use upon request, please note that classes from English, Speech and Hearing, Communications, and Journalism take precedence in all cases.

Please note that the Havighurst Lab participates in the Pay for Print system; the cost is 10¢ per page.

Available software includes:

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5
  • Matlab (PC)
  • Microsoft Office Suite 11
  • SPSS

If you are an instructor and would like to inquire about the availability of software not listed here, to schedule class/open lab hours, or have any other questions regarding the labs, please contact lab manager Paula Fogt.