Writing Centers

16 Campus Avenue Building 

Howe Writing Center

Locations in King Library, B.E.S.T. Library, Peabody Hall, and Gross Athletic Development Center

The mission of the Howe Writing Center is to assure that Miami fully prepares all of its graduates to excel in the writing they will do after college in their careers, roles as community and civic leaders, and personal lives. The Center’s primary goals are as follows:

  • To help faculty increase the amount and quality of writing instruction and practice that students receive throughout their studies at Miami.
  • To help faculty tap writing’s tremendous potential for assisting students in mastering the content and thinking processes their courses are designed to teach.
  • To foster a culture of writing in which students welcome the writing instruction they receive in their courses, seek additional opportunities to write outside of class, and strive continuously to improve their writing skills.
  • To assure that all students—from the most accomplished to the most needful—have ample help outside of their classes as they strive to improve their writing.

Hamilton Tutoring Services

102 Rentschler Hall, Hamilton Campus

Howe Writing Initiative

3064 Farmer School of Business 

A collaborative project between the Department of English and the Farmer School of Business, the Howe Writing Initiative (HWI) is the writing center and writing-in-the-disciplines program. The mission of the HWI is to provide support to business faculty and students to help all Farmer School of Business graduates be excellent communicators. Students enrolled in business courses may schedule consultations by visiting the HWI's website.

Middletown Learning Center

2 Johnston Hall, Middletown Campus