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Other Graduate Funding

Center for Teaching Excellence Grants

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and the Graduate School provide small grants up to $300 for graduate award-holders to develop individual teaching skills and to supplement departmental support for seminars on teaching. Grants are intended to fund modest projects designed to increase graduate student teaching effectiveness and their students’ learning. Examples include travel support for first-time attendance at a teaching conference; purchase of new experimental software for a course or lab; or bringing in an off-campus expert to conduct a pedagogy seminar. Proposals are due October 1, February 15, and April 15; urgent requests may be submitted any time.

Graduate Students' Achievement Fund

Graduate students making satisfactory progress in a degree program and enrolled on a full- or part-time basis at the time of application are eligible to apply. The purpose of the fund is to recognize significant completed achievement in external (to the home department) research or creative activity. The awards will normally not exceed $300. Awards are supported by gifts from Alumni and friends of Miami University in the Miami University Fund.

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Graduate Student Association Travel Fund

The G.S.A. Travel Assistance Fund provides funding for reimbursement of registration fees, travel, and lodging for meetings, conventions, conferences, and workshops sponsored by professional organizations. Priority is given to students attending conferences that are farther away and more expensive to attend. Priority is also given to students who do not receive a large reimbursement amount from their department. This fund cannot be used for research-related travel, trips to fulfill course requirements, or attendance at for-profit seminars.

Graduate students may apply up to three times a year until they receive the maximum amount of funding, but they may not apply for the same event more than once. The amount reimbursed is based on the number of applications and the funds available; on average, applicants receive 75% of the amount they request. GSA checks are issued at the end of each granting period to allow for the most equitable distribution of funds.

Get the Graduate School Travel Fund Application.

Thesis or Dissertation Research Support

The Associate Provost for Research and the Dean of the Graduate School will entertain requests for unusual expenses associated with a student’s research for the doctoral dissertation. There is no application form, but you must briefly describe your dissertation or thesis project and explain why these expenses are necessary and offer a tentative budget. Students must also submit a letter of support from the advisor.

Awards will not exceed $600 for doctoral students and $300 for Master’s students, and will often be less, depending on the demand. To be eligible a doctoral student must have passed the comprehensive exams. Decisions on this special funding will be made after November 1 and April 1.

Send requests to:

Check with the Office for the Advancement of Research and Scholarship for the latest deadlines and award opportunities