2021 English Celebration

1st Year Composition Awards

  • Rhetorical Analysis - Shraya Marri, “Internalized Colorism: A Rhetorical Investigation of Ethos and Pathos Appeals” (ENG 111, Javiera Green)
  • Proposal Argument - Margaret Yarmas, “The Negative Impact of Boats on Deep Creek Lake” (ENG 111, Karyn Keane)
  • Remediation - Christian Contessa, “Sisyphus's Boulder” (ENG 111,Justin Chandler)
  • Best of 111- Haley Nadler “The Potential Solutions to Food Waste on College Campuses,” (ENG 111, Karyn Keane)
  • Best of ENG 108 - Uros Djokovic, “Traditional vs Online Education” (ENG 108, William Orth)
  • Best of ENG 109 - Linh Vu, “Ancestor Worship in Asian Culture: Cultural Belief or Superstition?” (ENG 109, Gabriele Bechtel)

Mary Jo Priest Awards

  • Rhetorical Analysis - Bailey Miller, “An Analysis of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s 2015 Wellesley College Commencement Address" (ENG 223, Rhetorical Strategies for Writers - John Mauk)
  • Rhetorical Analysis - Jada Favers, "The Fight for Progress: A Rhetorical Analysis of Josephine Baker’s Speech at the March on Washington” (ENG 223, Rhetorical Strategies for Writers - John Mauk)
  • Proposal/Report - Kendra Stiers, “Goodfair Content Strategy Report" (ENG 224, Digital Writing and Rhetoric - Amanda Stevens)

Greer Hepburn Awards

  • First Prize - Kendra Stiers, "Sweep You Off Your Feet" , Fiction (ENG 320, Intermediate Creative Writing - Margaret Luongo)
  • Second Prize - Briah Lumpkins, "Black in Bexley" and other articles, Journalism (Mentor: Jim Tobin)
  • Third Prize - Cassiani Avouris, "Withdrawal (to Zoloft)", Poetry (ENG 320, Intermediate Creative Writing - Keith Tuma)
  • Fourth Prize - Kathleen Stumph, "Apprehension and Shattered Glass", Creative Non-Fiction (ENG 423, Advanced Creative Nonfiction - TaraShea Nesbit)

Almy Awards

  • Christa Nieman, “Faults and Feeling at Donwell Abbey: Austen’s Emma” (ENG 298, Intro to Literary and Cultural Studies - James Bromley)
  • Sophia Balsamo, “Dangerous Days: Blade Runner’s Vision of Corporate Power and Rebellion Through Its Successors” (ENG 490, Literatures of the Future - Tim Melley)

Edward J. Montaine Awards

  • First Prize - Jada Favers, “This Dream Feels like Hope", Fiction (ENG 423, Advanced Creative Nonfiction - TaraShea Nesbit)
  • Second Prize - Kate Dargan, "Silence", Fiction (ENG 320 Intermediate Creative Writing, Brian Roley)
  • Third Prize - Maggie Peña, "From Zoom University to Zoom Productions: Performing Arts during a Pandemic" and other articles, Journalism (Mentor: Jim Tobin)

Bookwalter Award

  • Cassandra Hauck, “All That Is Bright” (ENG 226, Intro to Creative Writing - Lizzie Hutton)
  • Kathryn Sullivan, “Falling in Love” (Independent Project)

Literature Award

Sophia Balsamo, "Butler’s Parable: Our Destiny is Not That Shining City on the Hill" (ENG 490, Literatures of the Future - Tim Melley)

Linguistics Award

Christa Nieman, “Input Processing: English and Russian Second Language Learners” (ENG 408, Second Language Acquisition - Vincent Palozzi)

Gordon and Mary Wilson Scholarships

  • Jenny Robinson, “The Phantom Queen” (ENG 420, Advanced Fiction Writing - TaraShea Nesbit)
  • Joseph Rodriguez, “Monsters of Men” (ENG 272, English Literature to 1600 - Patrick Murphy)
  • Lauren Doll, “Stress to Success” (ENG 481, Writing Center Theory and Practice - Lizzie Hutton)
  • Nathan Gillin, “Content Strategy Plan Springside Athletic Club” (ENG 224, Digital Writing and Rhetoric - Heather Listhartke)

Craver-Overton Scholarship

  • Kathleen Stumph, "Apprehension and Shattered Glass" (ENG 423, Creative Non-Fiction - TaraShea Nesbit)
  • Melanie Hamon, “Literary Analysis of Theme for English B” (ENG 298, Intro to Literary and Cultural Studies - Michele Navakas)

Bill Moeller Scholarship

Ellie Carder, “I first learned…” (ENG 323, Intermediate Creative Nonfiction - TaraShea Nesbit)

The Cathy S. Denny Memorial Scholarship

Kayleigh Schauseil, “Girl Unleashed” and other poems (ENG 226, Intro to Creative Writing - Kyle Flemmings)

Department Honors Projects

Janelle Hart, “Novel in Stories” (Director: Margaret Luongo)

Undergraduate Summer Scholars

Rylee Jung, “Evolution of Risk: Don DeLillo and Risk Theory” (Mentor: Tim Melley)

Senior Prizes

Creative Work

  • Janelle Hart - “Maybe what happened was this” (ENG 460, Capstone in Creative Writing - Daisy Hernandez)
  • Theo Mesnick - “The Palest Settlement” (USS project with Mentor Cathy Wagner)

Critical Essay

  • Anthony Raffin - “The Ministry of Truth: The Proliferation of QAnon on Instagram” ENG 495R, Capstone in Rhetoric/Writing, Michele Simmons
  • Alejandra Bello Thomas - “Kate vs Kat - The Final Speech” ENG 221, Shakespeare and Film - Kaara Peterson
  • Henry Roach - “ ‘Loving You Has Made Me Clean’ ”: Gendered Respectability in “Anna Christie” on Stage and Screen” ENG 440Y, Eugene O’Neill in Context - Katie Johnson

Public Argument

  • Leanne Stahulak - "Letter to a Loved One" ENG 262, Children’s Literature - Anita Mannur
  • Sophie Thompson "The Fight for Equal Pay: An Analysis of #PublishingPaidMe" ENG 495R, Capstone in Rhetoric/Writing - Michele Simmons,


The Walter E. Havighurst Prize

Kathleen Strumph

Sigma Tau Delta Essay Contest

Critical Essay - Trey Mathews

Literary Essay - Paige Hartenburg

Academy of American Poets

Graduate Award | Betty Jane Abrahams Memorial Poetry Prize

Nate Hoil - “Cameo Amidst a Moment of Pure Violence"

Undergraduate Award | Harris S. Abrahams Poetry Prize

David Muller - “The Old Man, The Young Man, and the Town that Never Changed”

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Awards

Laura Gaddis (MFA, Creative Nonfiction)

Jordan-Goodman Graduate Awards

  • Creative Nonfiction: Madison Krob - "Back Hand and Open Mouth"
  • Poetry: Diego Nguyen - "Cremation"
  • Fiction: Dan Massett - "The Deer Hunter"

Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

  • Poetry: Ariel Clark-Semyck
  • Creative Nonfiction: Madison Krob
  • Fiction: Rachel Giesel Grimm